Chorleywood was the last stop in my outer Metropolitan Line trilogy, this time in Zone 7. I think it is probably the leafiest of any of the Underground Stations I’ve visited so far, with one platform seemingly backing on to a small grove of trees.

It first opened as Chorley Wood(with the space), before becoming Chorley Wood & Chenies in 1915. It lost Chenies in 1934 and then thirty years later was standardised to its current title.

In 2004, an area of Chorleywood, Chorleywood West, was ranked to be the neighbourhood in England with the highest quality of life according to a Government Department.  Perhaps it’s due to Chorleywood being synonmous with a revolutionary technique that transformed the breadmaking industry?

On our visit,  Derek Acorah appeared to be nearby for a live show-  there goes the neighbourhood..

The Pub: The Rose and Crown, Common Road, Chorleywood, WD3 5LW

The pub is a short walk from the station, heading along Station Approach Road until crossing to Common Road and heading up the road a few minutes.

The Rose and Crown is located right beside Chorleywood Common, 200 acres of wooded land.  This backdrop is a world away from some of the central London pubs I’ve visited packed in tightly amongst offices, shops and busy roads.  Cows used to graze on the common until World War One.  In recent years I believe cows have been re-introduced in small sections of the common, but this has proved somewhat controversial with a local media report in 2011 claiming a woman was chased by several of them during a walk.

From the exterior,   the pub like a charming small country house. It is divided into a rather cosy front room bar area as well as a larger dining room area at the back.   It was pretty full when we visited so we propped ourselves up at the bar. The pub wasn’t serving food till 6(we arrived at 530) so we made do with Mini Cheddars from the bar.

There was a good showing on the ale front, with Mid-Autumn Gold and the locally brewed Crow’s Nest alongside the standard staples of London Pride and Youngs. The pub prides itself on using local ingredients for its food, beer etc as laid out on a chalk board by the bar. Banter is in turn, provided by the locals it says!

Further adding to the country pub vibe, a dog was sat down in the front room of the pub and at one point, had a quick look behind the bar.  We had a quick chat with the barman and a couple of the locals, all of whom were really friendly.

The Rose and Crown really clicked for me. If you find yourself up in Chorleywood for any reason, definitely pop in!

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2 thoughts on “Chorleywood

  1. Chorleywood’s longest serving Landlord and land lady – and surprisingly nice people for what they have to be up with. Try talk to Roger next time you are in there.

    1. If I make out to those parts again, I’ll definitely say hello and thank them for their hospitality on our first visit!

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