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This page includes all the recommendations I received when doing the Underground leg of my blog. I’ve kept it active so you can see what people suggested at the time.

43 thoughts on “Recommendations Archive

  1. Here’s a couple. Not sure about the Far East. It’s a bit off the beaten track for me!

    Stepney Green: Interesting ‘Spoons nearby
    Angel: The York’s close but bland, the Earl of Essex a few streets away is nice

    I’ll ping some more when I think of them. I’m supposed to be working right now!

    1. Cheers! I used to drink in Angel a lot but never tried the Earl of Essex.

      It’s those Eastern ones I’m most in the dark about too – I’d say all the central line ones plus Angel and Old Street I’ll have no problems with.

  2. St Pauls. The patanodter is closest and is alrigjt but I would reccomend the Viaduct Tavern on Newgate St which is on the site of a debtors prison

    Chancery Lane The Mitre

    Old Street the historic Eagle or for really goid ale the Wenlick Arms

    1. Thanks for the recommendations Sarah. I love The Viaduct Tavern, I actually stumbled on it when I was doing a Zone 1 pubcrawl that acted as a kind of pilot for this blog!

  3. How long did it take you to do all the zone 1 pubs? Are selecting new pubs for the zone 1 stations this time around? A slightly off topic question but how many pubs do you do in a sitting? We are doing a similar challenge doing the 270 pubs before May 2018 when my husband turns 40! We are doing the pubs line by line and are 20 pubs down and another 6 planned for tomorrow

    1. I haven’t done all the Zone 1 pubs, as tube stops opened in what now looks a strange order – i.e: Amersham before Oxford Circus and a lot of central ones.

      How many I do in a sitting really varies. I think 6 would be the maximum, but sometimes if I’ve done one out on a limb and it’s going well, I’ve stayed there. That has happened a couple of times, I must admit..

  4. According to my brother, who works in Barking – these are your best bets:-

    Barking – Spotted Dog (only good pub in the whole borough)
    Dagenham East – The Eastbrook (nice wooden interior)

  5. Park Royal may be a challenge as its surrounded by retail business and industrial parks. Worst comes to worst there might be a bar in the Vue cinema.

    For Regents Park I would recommend the Masons Arms. Lovely decor aand a feeling of being in a local pub so close to Oxford Street. Oh and they have a very relaxed pub dog. Always a bonus.

    1. Cheers for that Sarah. Very early on in the process people came up to me and said Park Royal will be a big challenge.

      Thanks for the Regents Park recommendation. As it stands, it is one of the few Zone 1 stations I haven’t got off at – yet!

      1. There’s a bar at the Bowling Alley in Park Royal, it isn’t much – probably would do the job if push comes to shove. Park Royal would definitely be a challenge.

  6. Hi Sam.
    I have two outstabding pubs fromnour Vakerloo adventure yesterday (I’n assumingnthe Garpnis on your kist already) .
    Waterloo The Kings Arms on Roupell Street This street is so dickensian
    Piccadilly Circus The Queen’s Head Denman Street. Pub with the most genuinely friendly barman ever.
    Hope these help.

  7. For Charing Cross I’d recommend the Harp if you like ale. For Holborn the Princess Louise is a good Sam Smith’s choice. Curious where you go for Ickenham as I recall there not being much around it both times I walked past the station last summer.

    1. Thanks, I’ve been to both the Harp and the Princess Louise and they are both strong choices.

      As you say, I think Ickenham may provide slim pickings. I’ve started on that stretch of line already(haven’t written the reviews yet) and if Park Royal and Alperton are anything to go by, I won’t have my hopes up!

  8. Hi Sam, a few favorites for you:
    Camden – brew dog, edinboro castle or Camden brewery ( open on Saturdays I think)
    Chalk Farm – Hill Bar (good live piano & sax music Thursday evenings!)
    Hampstead – it has got to be the Holly Bush
    Kentish Town – The Pineapple
    Tufnell Park – Southampton Arms (ale & cider from small independent breweries), The Junction
    Archway – The St John’s

    1. Cheers Jack!

      Mirrors some I had in mind. I’ve never visited The Pineapple before but have heard great things about it.

  9. Warwick Avenue we did the Bridge House but there are closer ones and better I think

    Kilburn Park Priory Tavern. Not bad and cool decor. Very quiet when we went
    Queens Park The Alice House. More a bar but nice vibe.
    Willsden Junction. Le Junction. Another bar but had live music and nice laid back vibe. No ale
    Maida Vale. lovely station. The Elgin gastropub for yummy mummies

    Kensall Green Masons Arms. Very nice outdoor space

    Harlsden Grand Junction Arms. Lovely canalside area. An unexpected treat.
    Stonebridge Park Heather Park ropey as out. But only near pub

    Wembley Central the Liquer Room. Spoons a like pub Noryh Wembley Green Man but think its closer to Wembley Central.

    Harrow and Wealdstone I think was Barretts. Was a friendly Irish pub

    East Acton Goldsmiths nearest ale place. Blazing Grill type place There was an Irish pub closer

    North Acton The Castle. A really good Fullers pub recommended.
    West Acton and Brent Cross are going yo be difficult. We did your North Ealing pub for West Acton and friends that know Brent area have said the pub is now an estate agents.

    Hope this essay helps

  10. Some thoughts on the Edgware branch of the Northern Line:

    There’s a lovely old pub in Hendon called the Greyhound, located at the top of the hill next to St Mary’s Church. Probably the best pub in that area, although to be frank it’s not exactly up against stiff competition unless you’re into Irish-themed establishments.

    Good luck with Brent Cross – I can’t think of any pubs near there; it’s one of those stations that hardly anyone uses (and believe me, you cannot easily access the shopping-centre of the same name from it – you have to follow a filthy footpath that goes under the A41/A406 junction to do that). I think there might be something on the Golders Green Road, but I doubt it.

    For Colindale (‘alight here for the RAF Museum’), I guess it’s a toss-up between the pub in the middle of the Graeme Park council estate and a couple of new places that went up with the Beaufort Park residential development.

    Slim pickings, alas, for Edgware and Burnt Oak – where most of the pubs are as dodgy as the proverbial nine-bob note. Edgware used to have a big old mock-Tudor place called the Railway Hotel, which is now closed, while just down the road is the ever-disreputable Mason’s Arms.

  11. For Colliers Wood, a no-brainer has to be the Charles Holden, right opposite the station, named in tribute to the Tube architect and Cask Marque certified. I visited last year and enjoyed it. For some reason the Pubs Near The Tube site awards it only 8 out of 10 stars.

  12. Stanmore your best bet is the Man on the Moon a Wetherspoons. There is not much round annon’s Park. It’s ultra suburban
    South Kent on the only one is the Windermere. Beautiful looking 30s pub. Some ale on but very locally. We went in an August Bank holiday when there was a bouncy castle outside

    East Finchley. The Bald Faced Stag is nice but a bit pricey gastropub

  13. It’s good to see a recommendation for the Nightingale, one of my favourite pubs and on the same street where I was born.

    I was surprised not to see an entry for Balham station. Did this open later than its neighbours, or has there been a snafu in updating the blog?

    If you have not yet visited, my tip is the Devonshire on Balham High Road. I was going to recommend another Youngs pub, the Grove on Oldridge Road, however this is marginally closer to Clapham South!

    1. It did indeed, a few months later. Review will be up shortly, I visited The Regent. Thanks for those tips though, will check them out next time I’m in Balham!

  14. You are getting through the station’s at a fair speed.
    The Woodsman in Highgate is not bad at all
    Here’s what we did for the Central Line stations have starred those we particular enjoyed
    Bethnal Green The Camel* Try the pies
    Stratford King Edward VII
    Leyton Leyton Technical * in our top 3 of pubs on our adventure so far
    Leytonstone Red Lion or the North Star is also supposed to be good
    Hanger Lane Fox and Goose
    Perivale Myttle Arms (brewers fayre and Wacky Warehouse)
    Greenford Black Horse. Nice canals ide pub
    White City Springbok. If you cam find another pub ho elsewhere
    Snaresbrook Cuckfield or the Duksouth Woodford The George
    Hope this helps

  15. Hi Sam Central Line list continued

    Woodford None close. We got a cheeky lift to the Cricketers a Mullen pub from a friend who is local to the area
    Wanstead The George a superior Wetherspoons
    Redbridge Beefeater but did have bottles of craft beer
    Gant’s Hill The Valentine
    Newbury Park The Avenue. Be warned on a par withe the Heather Park in Stone bridge Park
    Barkingside The one pub recently closed down
    Fairlop New Fairlop Oak spoons
    Hainault The Old Maypole
    Grange Hill. Two Brewers which was another cheeky lift as well over a mile from station

    Hope these help

  16. Central Line continued
    Chigwell King William IV more a restaurant
    Roding Valley Monkhams.
    Loughton * Lovely pub garden
    Buckhurst Hill Three Colts
    West Ruislip Soldiers Retreat
    South Ruislip The Bell
    Ruislip Gardens Middlesex Arms
    Debden Golden Lion Only go if you can’t find something else. Our wooden spoon pub as local ‘s pub in the worst way
    Theydon Boys Queen Victoria
    Epping George and Dragon
    Vauxhall the Black Dog

  17. Thanks Sarah! I have to admit that for Vauxhall I might have to go to Zeitgeist(Jolly Gardeners) – a fantastic German pub and a former local of mine!

  18. Missed out Loughton is the Victoria Tavern. Dropped into our West Ruislip pub the Soldiers Retreat on Sunday after a ramble. Still recommended as a good solid pub Local in a good way.
    If it’s the same one I know of the German pub in Vauxhall as my mate Noel often goes to watch St Paul matches there

  19. I can’t find any Victoria Line stations, other than those that are also on other lines, but there are none included in the list of stations yet to visit.

  20. You should email the marketing departments for airlines at Heathrow (British Airways for T5 and Virgin Atlantic for T3, United for T2, Delta for T4), and see if they will let you into their business class lounges to have a drink there.

    1. Cheers for the tip-off – I try and go places that other people could easily get to too, so that would rule them out, but I like your thinking!

  21. Congratulations on completing the mission, I saw your interview on the ITV London News last night, and look forward to the publication of the last few stations and pubs.

    Of course over the last 3 years some of the venues have gone out of business – the Wetherspoons in the O2 Centre Finchley Road for example. Nevertheless the blog stands as a record of London and its fringes at a particular time.

    What next? London Overground? Docklands Light Railway? Croydon Tramlink? The Overground Network within London?

    1. Hi Ian – thanks for your comments. Yep I was aware of the demise of the Wetherspoons at Finchley Road but would hope its only a few that aren’t trading anymore.

      I’m still deciding what’s next. I think the Overground might not have quite as much resonance as the Tube did, plus TfL keep expanding it! I think I will have a little break first to think of the next project, it will definitely involve pubs of London but I’m looking at various different angles.

      Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed the reviews!

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