Coming up

Below is a list of the next twenty stations I have coming up. I am doing it on a route basis out of each London terminal, starting at Waterloo and heading anti-clockwise to finish up at Paddington.

  1. Thornton Heath
  2. Selhurst
  3. West Croydon
  4. Waddon
  5. Wallington
  6. Carshalton Beeches
  7. Sutton
  8. Belmont
  9. Cheam
  10. East Croydon
  11. South Croydon
  12. Sanderstead
  13. Riddlesdown
  14. Purley Oaks
  15. Purley
  16. Kenley
  17. Reedham
  18. Coulsdon Town
  19. Woodmansterne
  20. Coulsdon South

(Stations visited but with reviews still to be published)

  1. Victoria
  2. Battersea Park
  3. Wandsworth Common
  4. Balham
  5. Streatham Common
  6. Norbury


13 thoughts on “Coming up

  1. You don’t seem to be getting many recommendations – perhaps you should drop a word to London Drinker (where I first heard about your Underground quest). Here are some of mine:

    Richmond – you are spoilt for choice here. Try the Prince’s Head, a Fuller’s house on The Green.

    St Margaret’s – The Turk’s Head, a Fuller’s pub on Winchester Road.

    Twickenham – another good place for a pub crawl. Try the Barmy Arms on The Embankment.

    1. I have been meaning to email the London Drinker, thanks for the reminder. Have had a couple of suggestions via Twitter too. I visited St Margaret’s and Twickenham last week, both great spots and could have chosen several pubs for both. (I did The Ailsa Tavern and The Eel Pie respectively)

  2. Kew Bridge the best pub is the Express Tavern right next door to the station. It will be a good idea to email the branch contacts of each local CAMRA branch of which their is 13 in London.

    1. Thanks Alex – have heard good things about The Express Tavern so I’m looking forward to it. Good idea on the CAMRA front too.

  3. In your list of stations coming up, you seem to have omitted Raynes Park, one of my old stamping grounds. The Cavern in Coombe Lane has an excellent selection of 1960s and 70s rock on the jukebox, also Beatles etc memorabilia. (If you insist on a meal as well as beer, the Raynes Park Tavern and Edward Rayne are better bets).
    For Norbiton, try the Albert, a Youngs pub on Kingston Hill with its Victoria and Albert memorabilia still in place. When I worked nearby in the late 1990s, it was still called the Albert Arms.

    1. Oops – it was in there before, it must have slipped off when I put the new stations in. Thanks for the tips, I like the sound of The Cavern, if you’ll excuse the pun.

  4. Hi, just seen your piece in the London Drinker. I would definitely recommend the pop up pub directly opposite the Gypsy Hill railway station . Run by Late Knights Brewery its a real gem . Second choice is the Anerley Arms next to Anerley station. A Samuel Smiths house. The interior is one of the last traditional Victorian styles. .

    1. Thanks for both the suggestions. I’ve never got off at Anerley Station before so that’s a particularly useful recommendation.

      1. Be warned that Belmont has one train an hour each way on the weekday service and no Sunday service so it won’t be the easiest station to visit by rail.

        However this is nothing compared to when you come to Angel Road.

  5. On the basis of stations originally named after pubs, try the Jolly Sailor when you visit Norwood Junction. Alas, this does not serve real ale. For a pint before a game at Selhurst Park, the Shelverdine Goathouse is a better bet.

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