Chalfont & Latimer

Moving ever so slightly back towards Central London my next stop was Chalfont & Latimer, in Zone 8.  It began life as Chalfont Road when it opened in 1889, gaining its current name in 1915.  It is the location where a short branch of the Met line heads off to Chesham, with the other section carrying on up to Amersham.

Chalfont & Latimer also has quite a rural feel to it with the mossy ticket office building even looking a bit like a village house. There are some nice intricate details on the pillars holding up the platform canopes alongside some traditional looking signage.

As well as the Met line, it is also served by National Rail services into Marylebone. Again, like Chesham, the frequency of Underground services here is much more akin to National Rail services,  with a frequency of four trains an hour into central London.

The station is located right by the busy A404, with a London Underground roundel attached on a post by that road to catch the eye of passing traffic.

The Pub:  The Sugar Loaf, Station Road, Little Chalfont,  HP7 9PM

The Sugar Loaf is only a couple of minutes walk from the station, heading along the A404 in the direction of Amersham.

Interior wise,  it has the vibe of a contemporary country pub.  There is plenty of wood panelling but the white walls feel like they can’t have been painted too long ago.  On the ale front, there is the ever reliable Landlord from Timothy Taylor, as well as two other solid offerings in Bombardier and Wells IPA.

The pub also has a dining room area in what feels like a conservatory, which in turn backs onto their grassy beer garden.  We didn’t go for any food but their website suggests it is solid pub fare, burgers, steaks, sausage and mash. Good winter food!

There is a side room by the bar with a pool table in it, this also has a TV that I assume is for the football.  It was showing BBC final score during our visit, a banner outside the pub also suggests they have a BT/Sky Sports subscription.

While it wasn’t rammed on the Saturday afternoon we popped in, it certainly had a healthy amount of customers. I’d rank the Sugar Loaf as a solid, if unspectacular, pub.  A definite improvement on our Chesham episode mind you!

Visit their website


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