Norbury first opened in 1878 on an existing section of railway which had been in operation since 1862. The station was rebuilt in 1903. The station building here is very similar to the one at Streatham Common, and the platform canopies have retained their original decorative roof.

Only two platforms are in regular service here, the other two are effectively abandoned. The one furthest from the main station building is looking quite green and rural. A platform shelter by the café on the island platforms has some nice photos of Norbury station in the early parts of the 20th Century.

The Moon Under Water, 1237 London Road, SW16 4AU

Norbury isn’t particularly blessed with pubs, so there wasn’t much to choose from here. Our only option was to walk 10 minutes down London Road, the main road running through here, to reach The Moon Under Water.

The eagle-eyed will have already guessed, but The Moon Under Water is a Wetherspoons. It is my first one on the Overground leg of my blog – not bad going after 47 stops so far! As a result, it has all their usual features, the standard ‘spoons decor and carpet. There are some old pictures of Norbury on the walls and a small back garden. It also has a picture of George Orwell on the wall. Orwell wrote an essay called ‘The Moon Under Water’ in 1946, describing what would be his ideal pub. Many ‘spoons have made a play on this name. I don’t know how many of his 10 points it fufills though…

As a spoons, it has their usual range of discount food. On the ale front, we were in luck as they were holding one of the regular Wetherspoons beer festivals that take place in their pubs. Supplementing usual offerings like Doombar and Ruddles Best included some more interesting ales like the excellently titled ‘Mild the Gap’, complete with a roundel on its pump art, and the Continential IPA. We gave the IPA a go – it was 6.5% so packed quite a punch.

I also had one of my cheapest rounds in London here ever. The prices were already low thanks to being an outer London ‘spoons where prices tend to be at least 50p cheaper, if not more, than central London venues. I also had some CAMRA vouchers which are sent out to all members(I finally got around to joining this year) which got me another 50p off. As a result, we got a round here for an incredibly £3.78. If only everywhere was that cheap…

The Moon Under Water is a fairly generic ‘spoons. That said, there is precious little else round here, so it’s really your only option for a drink. However that said, I will always have a little soft spot for this place, if only for my incredibly cheap drinks here!

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