The Mission…

My new mission is to visit a pub for every National Rail station in Greater London. There are 330 in total. However my final tally of pubs may end up being slightly less than that, there are a number of stops which are served both by overground trains and the tube. For some of these stops, there is only one pub by that station. In these rare instances, it would seem silly to simply revisit a pub I did for the tube leg of the blog. This situation is likely to crop up towards the end of the journey so I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I’m keeping the same rules I used for all the tube stops. The pub doesn’t have to be the closest to that station, however it can’t be closer to any other stations. This time around though I’m visiting the stations in a more geographic order. I’ll be working my way through all the London terminus stations, visiting all the stations within Greater London which trains starting at that station call at.

I’m starting at Waterloo and then moving anti-clockwise across London, ending up at Paddington. There is every chance Crossrail will be open by the time I get there, so that would be a fine way to close off this incredibly long journey.   I’ll be keeping an updated list of the next 20 stations I’m due to visit if you want to leave any recommendations either on here or on Twitter.

(Below is the text setting out The Mission behind the first stage of the blog)

The idea behind this blog is marking London Underground’s 150th anniversary by visiting a pub for each of the 270 stations on the network.

The journey started in March 2013 at Paddington Station, where the first train on what is now the Underground departed on 9th January 1863 and is progressing on the order each Underground station opened to the public.

The journey will end at Wood Lane Underground Station, which opened on 12th October 2008.

5 thoughts on “The Mission…

  1. Hi Sam,

    Just seen the article on Londonist and think this is a great idea!

    If you haven’t been to Holborn yet then look no further than The Ship Inn. It’s a wonderful boozer that is literally a 30 second walk down an alleyway to the side of the station…

    Good luck with your challenge.
    Sam M

  2. I found this website via the Londonist and am already loving it. I’ll read pretty much anything related to the Underground but it’s good to have something a little different to enjoy.
    I see that you’re doing the Richmond branch next which is one of the few bits I know well. In Richmond you’re obviously spoiled for choice, especially if you walk down to the river. Near Kew Gardens is the imaginatively named Inn at Kew Gardens which is pleasant if unremarkable though I notice they now offer boutique accommodation and have doubled the prices of the rooms since I stayed out there a few years ago. And outside Gunnersbury station is the equally imaginatively named Gunnersbury Tavern which is notable only for the convenience of its public toilets as there are none in the station!

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