Motspur Park

Motspur Park station opened on 12 July 1925, over 65 years after the railway first passed through here. It the last stop before the line south splits in two, with services either continuing to Worcester Park and then out of London onto Dorking or Guildford, or alternatively onto Malden Manor and the short Chessington South branch which opened in 1938. This gives six trains an hour into Waterloo, with two on the Chessington South line and then two to Dorking and Guildford respectively.

Motspur Park has a curious layout, the station can only be accessed by a footbridge from either side of the railway line, the two sides of which then join together to reach the island platform here. This is the only London station I’ve come across so far on the blog, or on my travels more generally, which has a layout like this.

The Earl Beatty, 365 West Barnes Lane, KT3 6JF

The Earl Beatty is easily visible from the station and is right by the eastern exit of the footbridge.It is named after the first Earl Beatty, a Royal Navy commander during World War One and then subsequently First Sea Lord. I don’t think this is due to any connection to the local area, although am happy to be corrected on this.

Inside it is a spacious pub which spans three rooms with fairly bland and inoffensive decor, a tone set by the grey paint used on the outside of the pub. There is also a back garden too. It’s run by Greene King so in keeping with their other pubs has the usual range of food offers. This includes the ‘seniors menu’, where anyone lucky to be over 60 can get three courses for £7.99 – they’ve never had it so good! For us young ‘uns, there are a fair few main meals available under a tenner, sausage and mash being only £7.49. Ale wise, the usual lineup of Greene King offerings(Abbott, their IPA and London Gold) was supplemented by Timothy Taylor’s Landlord. As I’m not really a fan of their ales, was very glad to see the Landlord on tap so went for that.

The Earl Beatty also has regular live music and other events. In March, this included both an Elvis Night and a Cockney Night listed on their chalkboard. Sadly neither were taking place when we were here. They have a few TVs which were showing an early kick-off in the Scottish Premier League. It was starting to fill up with people on our Sunday afternoon visit, with a mixture of families out for a meal and people here to watch the football.

Very much saving the best till last, the pub also has a quiz machine. Having a few minutes to kill before our train to Malden Manor, we gave it a go. It was obviously our lucky day as we managed to win £5 on pub quiz and were in turn only a couple of questions away from the £10 jackpot. Anyone who has read any of my reviews where quiz machines have featured will know these kind of victories are a rare occurrence.

The Earl Beatty does the job if you’re looking for somewhere in these parts for a drink. It’s not grim however nor is it particularly interesting.

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4 thoughts on “Motspur Park

    1. Thanks for the comment! I do try and balance the blog between pub reviews and thoughts on the stations like the one you picked up on.

      1. I’m looking forward to the blog in book form in due course. And to your pub reviews in north London.

      2. I’d love to make it into a book, did try offering up the first part to various literary agents I found online but sadly it didn’t go any further. Still have Southern and Southeastern to complete south of the river(plus London Overground and Thameslink at somepoint) but certainly looking forward to north London.

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