Syon Lane

Syon Lane station first opened in 1931. There is very little of note here building wise, the only station structures being some small modern non-descript shelters (in need of a good clean) on either platform – the rest is exposed to the elements. There is a quite open, green feel here in part due to one of the platforms backing onto the sizeable playing field of a local school.

The Coach and Horses, 183 London Road, TW7 5BQ

Syon Lane is a leafy part of West London suburbia which isn’t particularly well served by pubs nearby. However there is one in short walking distance, The Coach and Horses, which is found at the end of Syon Lane(heading South) on London Road. It’s a tall, imposing building so you won’t miss it.

The pub has a nice historic tiled frontage which I always think is good to see when it has been retained. Inside the pub is light and spacious with several different rooms, primarily with a contemporary feel but also retaining some heritage features including some cut glass and an old sign directing people to the Saloon Bar. It also has a modern conservatory type room, laid out as a dining area on our visit as well as a decent sized back garden and patio too.

We visited on a Saturday afternoon and the pub was fairly busy, although due to its size there was still plenty of seats available. I was very pleased as we were able to sit in some of their comfy leather armchairs which is a particularly relaxing way in which to enjoy a decent ale. With the large Syon Park pretty much next door to the pub, there were also a fair amount of dogs (and their walkers!) here too.

It’s a Youngs Pub so had their usual offerings of Bitter and Special as well as the seasonal ale ‘Winter Warmer’. When available, I always go for the Special as the Bitter can be a bit too light for me. The food menu is also what you’d expect from one of their pubs, with an emphasis on pub classics. The prices may have risen across the board in their establishments but have found Youngs pubs around these parts to have slightly pricier food menus, with few mains below £11.50. I went for the Sausage and Mash which was suitably hearty for the aforementioned price!

The Coach and Horses is a good quality Youngs pub in this pleasant part of London. Certainly worth popping in if you’re nearby, especially if you can get one of the comfy armchairs…

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