Hounslow is a London suburb that I feel has been particularly well covered by this blog. I’d been here three times before for each of its tube stations and as it also has a National Rail station, I’ve returned for one last visit.

The rail station here first opened on 1 February 1850. There is an old Victorian looking station building on Platform 1, sadly travellers on platform 2 are afforded far less protection from the elements. Fans of concrete will appreciate the footbridge that link the two which I assume dates from the 1930s. The station presently is served by four trains an hour both into and out of London.

The Cross Lances,236 Hanworth Road, TW3 3TU

I will readily admit I wasn’t massively looking forward to returning to Hounslow. It was nothing against the place itself but none of the three pubs I’d done for the tube leg had been particularly memorable – I visited Hounslow West in August 2013, Hounslow Central in September 2013 and finally Hounslow East in November 2013. However my searching before I set off suggested there was a friendly pub near the station so we decided to give that a go.  The Cross Lances is at the end of road of the same name, the second left off the main Whitton Road heading North out of the station.

The Cross Lances has a dark tiled frontage with a similarly traditional interior complete with original etched glass windows bearing the pubs name, wood panelling throughout and carpeted areas. There are photos of the 1966 World Cup winning team on the wall, as well as old sepia tinged pictures of Hounslow. Its quite a long, thin pub with two bars – we sat up at the top end of the pub by the quieter bar.

It’s been a Fullers pub since way back in 1891 and has their usual range of ales, Pride, HSB, the seasonal offering Jack Frost as well as a non-Fullers beer in the shape of ‘Old Number 6’ from Joules Brewery, a dark beer listed as a winter warmer. Food wise, I saw a sign on the bar advertising cheese and ham rolls for £2 so its very much more towards the snack side of things. There were a decent amount of people here on our visit, the majority of which were sitting around the bar in the main section of the pub.

The Cross Lances has a pool table and dart board, as well as a piano in the corner.They have a few TVs with both Sky and BT Sports, showing a third round FA Cup game on our visit. There is also live music here every Saturday, the piano being a bit of a giveaway, as well as a jukebox. Continuing again the theme from the last two pubs, there are also has sporting trophies above the bar here too. There is also a small garden although this was looking a little weather-beaten.

I really enjoyed our pint at The Cross Lances. A traditional, friendly pub in an area of London I previously had down as a pub desert. Its also great to find a Fullers pub which hasn’t been overly ‘modernised’, as has occurred in a number of their venues closer to Central London. If anyone from Fullers HQ is reading this, leave The Cross Lances as it is – it must be doing something right to survive out here in Hounslow!

Visit their website


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