Feltham is the last station on the Windsor/Reading lines to be within the Greater London boundary, the next stop westwards, Staines, is in Surrey. It is also where Oyster validity ends, so don’t be caught out if you’re heading further west and were just relying on your card.

The station first opened on 22 August 1848. Today its a mix of old and new, one platform has a tradition ticket office building whereas the other has a much more modern construction. This dates from a 1990s rebuild where the station was given a substantial rebuild to coincide with the provision of a new bus link from here to Heathrow Airport. These blocky buildings haven’t aged or weathered well and have the look of uninspired airport architecture.

The Red Lion, 49 High Street, Feltham, TW13 4AB

When doing the research for pubs in Feltham, my hopes weren’t very high. Few options were appearing and those that did had bad reviews on various sites. In the end, we decided to go to The Red Lion, 5minutes south of the station, just off the High Street. As I said, Feltham is pretty close to the Greater London boundary and walking down its High Street of mainly modern buildings and big supermarkets, it didn’t really feel like London at all.

Inside the pub was fairly quiet as it was early on a Saturday afternoon. The Red Lion didn’t have any ales so I went for a Kronenberg instead. They did have ‘Coast to Coast‘ by Caledonian, one of those beers called a pale ale but effectively a lager really. They had a TV on showing Football Focus on BBC1 as they don’t have Sky Sports. They don’t do food here.

Decor wise, its pretty old school in here and is carpeted throughout. Its not grotty but does look like it could do with a bit of TLC in places. It also had its own trophy cabinet, continuing the trophy theme from the Prince Albert in Whitton. There is also a pool table and dart board too.

The Red Lion also has a decent sized back garden which looks like it would be a pleasant spot in the Summer. It was as I was headed out here I got chatting to the current landlord of the pub. He said he’d taken over a few months back and was determined to get the place back on track given the problems pubs in the area have previously experienced, kicking out troublemakers and the like.He said its due to get a bit of refurbishment in the next few months and also will start doing food. Apparently the big tree in the back garden(captured in my gallery) also has some form of protection, although I can’t find any details of that online.

In areas like Feltham where the pub scene is shrinking or non-existent, I am glad The Red Lion is still going. If you ever find yourself in Feltham, it’s not a bad spot for a pint

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