North Sheen

North Sheen is a curious little station – it’s a fair old walk out of the station over a bridge and along a alleyway before you actually fully exit the station onto the street. It is definitely not accessible for wheelchair users and I imagine due to its various design quirks, may be quite difficult to make so. Because there isn’t a station building on the street entrance to the platforms, it isn’t the easiest place to spot either.

It first opened on 6 July 1930, in contrast to its immediate neighbours in either direction which had been in operation since the line itself first opened in 1846. It is also quite quiet by London standards, with 536,754 entries and exits here in 2015/16.

The Mitre, 20 St. Mary’s Grove, TW9 1UY

The Mitre is a quick 5 minute walk from the station. Once you’ve finally made it out of there, head over the level crossing and down Manor Road, turning onto Townshend Terrace. Continue along here until reaching St. Mary’s Grove and The Mitre.

The Mitre first opened in 1860s as a coaching house and soon became a pub. It’s an impressive Victorian building and forms part of a local conservation area. Inside, the pub was renovated in late 2015 and so still looks very smart and tidy, painted in fresh, light colours. It has many traditional features such as its stained glass windows, one of a Mitre itself appropriately, and old fireplaces. On the walls there are some nice photographs of nearby Richmond Park, as well as posters of classic bands and artists like Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones. It also has a small little back garden too.

Where the pub really comes into its own is the beer selection. There were twelve different ales available when we visited from a wide range of breweries. Some of those on offer on our visit included: Kipling by Thornbridge, both Hophead and the Oatmeal Stout from Dark Star,  Full Nelson, Three French Hens, Cloudwater BitteCloudwater BitteCloudwater BitteCloudwater Bitter and finally the excellently named ‘No Name Bitter’.  I went for the Cloudwater which was a very refreshing session ale. I don’t think they do food here as I couldn’t spot any menus.

The Mitre had a very nice chilled out vibe on our Saturday afternoon visit. Unlike other pubs nearby showing the Rugby and therefore packed out, they were showing Snooker and then Final Score on BBC1 here. Adding to the atmosphere here was a very friendly dog who called Rudy and who I think belonged to the landlord. Another one of the band posters here was of The Specials, so I may be putting two and two together and getting five, but maybe the dog had been named after that famous Specials song?

I loved The Mitre – I really wasn’t expecting to find such a great pub in quiet North Sheen. It just had such a welcoming atmosphere plus such a varied selection of beers. It is well worth going out of your way to visit – it isn’t really too far from Richmond so it isn’t as out of the way as you might imagine. A dream local, in the same dream world where I could afford to live in North Sheen!

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