Heathrow Terminal 5

This is very nearly the end! Heathrow Terminal 5 is the second newest station on the tube, it opened on 27 March 2008, a day before the first flight arrived at the new terminal in Heathrow.  It all feels very shiny and modern here with the blue colour scheme. Apart from that, there’s not much more to add here architecturally I’m afraid.

The Pub: The Five Tuns, Landside, Terminal 5 Heathrow, TW6 2GA

I’m normally not a huge fan of airports because I often find their buildings quite claustrophobic and chaotic. Heathrow Terminal 5 seemed very different to this with its open feel and large roof letting in lots of natural light. Admittedly I only saw the Departure Lounge but I think leaving from here would start a holiday off on the right foot.

The Five Tuns is on the main floor of the departure lounge. Like The Three Bells I visited in Terminal 3, its another Geronimo pub. As a result, the design of the place is fairly similar but the Five Tuns has got itself a better location in terms of being easy to find. It had two decent ales on tap in the shape of Youngs Best and Doombar. Food wise its standard pub fare at around £12 for a main – slightly higher than you might expect elsewhere but that’s the Airport premium for you! The Five Tuns feels light and airy as it doesn’t have any windows so just opens out onto the departure lounge.

There are old Underground posters on the walls, including the classic ‘For The Zoo’ featuring four penguins. The Five Tuns also has books dotted around the place. As well as approving of the posters, I was a fan of the music selection when Torch by Soft Cell came on – maybe a more obscure choice for an airport bar but a good choice in my eyes. This made for an interesting soundtrack for what was on TV with the sound off – the Roger Moore James Bond film ‘The Man With The Golden Gun.’ I’m not sure why, but Roger’s quips seemed even better with subtitles and facial expressions only.

I enjoyed my pint at The Five Tuns. I think I’d be in high spirits if I was having one last Doombar here before setting off somewhere exotic.

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2 thoughts on “Heathrow Terminal 5

    1. I became aware of it quite recently, having see their references to The Green Man in Hatton Cross. Great minds think alike and all that? From the looks of their review, I had a better experience of the Earl Haig in Hounslow West!

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