Heathrow Terminal 4

Heathrow Terminal 4 station opened on 12 April 1986,  days after the new terminal itself had opened. It is one of the few stations on the network to only have one platform. It shut for a brief period between 2005 and 2006 to allow the construction of the new link to Terminal 5.

I quite liked the platforms here, the tiling has a slightly marble look to it which gives it a bit more identity than if it were merely plain white tiling. This is also true of the small ticket hall area.

The Pub: The Three Bells, Heathrow Terminal Three, UB3 5AP

When I started this mission, I had checked and found that there were ‘landside’ pubs for all of the relevant Heathrow Terminals and stations. Sadly shortly ahead of my visit here, I discovered that the Windsor Castle, the Wetherspoons I had planned to visit had subsequently closed down!  Therefore the nearest pub was in Terminal 3- well I’d come this far so I wasn’t going to back down now and headed over to the Three Bells.

Its located on the first floor of departures next to a Pret and above the Virgin Departures area. I was very relieved we found it! I quite liked the advertising on the hoardings outside it – ‘Last British Pub Before the Rest of the World’.

Inside, they’ve actually done a fairly decent job of disguising the fact you’re drinking in an airport. It’s a Geronimo pub and doesn’t feel too dissimilar to their pub inside the Westfield Centre which I visited for Shepherds Bush.  On the ale front, there were a couple available in the shape of Youngs Best and Doombar. There is food available in the shape of standard pub classics.

If your flight is delayed and you find yourself with time to kill, there was a decent selection of board games including Labyrinth – sadly not based on the 80s childs TV gameshow! There was also one of those table top old arcade game emulators which is always good fun if you fancy a bit of Pac-Man or Asteroids. The TVs here were showing BBC News.

As it shut at 10pm on weekdays, it was pretty much dead when we arrived. We didn’t have enough time to finish our drinks here but the staff were nice enough to let us pour them into coffee cups and head on our way – it’s certainly been a classy business doing this blog.

The Three Bells seemed like a decent option as far as airport pubs go. Terminal 3 and 4 really aren’t that close together(baffling world of airports again), so probably only worth going here if you are actually flying out from Terminal 3!

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