Canning Town

Canning Town opened on the Jubilee Line on 14 May 1999 as the first section of its extension began running between Stratford and North Greenwich.

The station here has the usual hallmarks of one on the Jubilee Line extension with lots of exposed concrete. There is also a DLR station here serving two different routes, the first on the line to Beckton which opened in 1994(with an additional branch to King George V and Woolwich Arsenal added between 2005-2009) and the second more recent link in the northbound direction to Stratford International which opened in 2011 and took over the tracks of the former North London Line route to Woolwich which closed in December 2006.

The Jubilee Line here runs below the DLR which has platforms directly above it, as this photo nicely demonstrates.

The Pub: Streeties, 15 Shirley Street, E16 1HU

Getting off at Canning Town, one of the first things you’ll notice is the vast expanses of empty land. This is I assume sites which have been cleared from former industrial use. There are quite a few brand new looking housing blocks here as well as plenty of cranes so I imagine a lot of that space will have been filled in soon!

Canning Town doesn’t historically have the best reputation, perhaps because of its positioning near major roads and the Blackwall Tunnel. In 2005 The Guardian reported that DHL couriers were prepared to deliver in Baghdad but drew the line at Canning Town! It was with that in mind that I set my hopes low for a pub round here. There wasn’t much to choose from so we went to Streeties, which is five minutes walk from the station. Exit onto the busy Silvertown Way, crossing the road and turning down Hallsville Road until reaching Ruscoe Road, turning down onto Shirley Street where you’ll find Streeties with its green tiled frontage.

Inside its a pretty compact pub with fairly basic decor, white walls and old school carpet. We could tell it was a locals place but I didn’t pick up on any hostility on two non-locals entering! There were no ales on tap so had to go for a Kronenberg. Streeties had two TVs, both showing At The Races as well as a pool table and dart board. There was also a fish tank behind the bar, something you don’t see too often in pubs anymore.

The pub doesn’t serve food so seemed perfectly relaxed when the people sat near us were having their McDonalds! I was pleasantly surprised by the music selection here, a collection of 80s soul/funk music including I Can’t Wait by Nu Shooz, I Feel for You by Chaka Khan and You’re Never Too Young by the Cool Notes who are an underrated 80s British soul/pop group. The songs were at times slightly drowned out by one of the locals at the bar who was singing his own songs which neither of us could decipher.

Streeties is a small, basic locals bar but there was nothing intrinsically wrong with it and I’ve certainly seen worse for the blog! I don’t know if it gets less welcoming in the evening but I reckon you’d be fine stopping in here for a pint.

(The pub has no website)



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