Brixton station opened on 23 July 1971 and is the southern terminus of the Victoria Line. There is also a National Rail station a short walk from the tube, complete with its slightly ominous statues of commuters..

The station motif here is very literal. It’s by Hans Unger and is lots of bricks, so in other words, a ton of Bricks – get it? The station building was extensively revamped in the early 2000s – there are now offices above the entrance and a huge Underground roundel on the glass frontage. It looks very different from how it did when it first opened, as you can see from this photo from the 80s.

The Pub: Effra Hall Tavern, 38 Kellett Road, SW2 1ED

Brixton is a very lively, colourful place – I worked here for over two and half a years when I was student so I’ll always have a soft spot for it.  The pub is five minutes walk south of the station – carry on down Brixton Road, passing the Ritzy Cinema where I worked and then onto Effra Road, turning down Kellett Road where you’ll find The Effra Hall Tavern.

The Effra has a nice mix of traditional and contemporary features. The old tiles on both the wall and floor and impressive wooden bar with its lights both seem suitably historic while the plain white walls and uncluttered interior have a modern feel. I really liked the framed collection of old football cigarette cards which are on one of the walls. There is also a clock in the shape of Jamaica on the wall, in homage to the Caribbean roots of many in the local area which I also thought was a nice touch.

On the ale front, two were available – Sharp’s Atlantic and their own Effra ale.  Given they make Doombar, I put my faith in Atlantic and found it to be a very refreshing pint. I didn’t look fully at the menu here but I hear they do a mean Jerk Chicken. The Effra had a good atmosphere here on the Sunday afternoon we visited with a friendly, diverse bunch of people here, in contrast to some of the pubs in Brixton which have become rather homogeneous and unrepresentative of the character of the local area.

The pub was showing both the Six Nations and a Premier League game and had managed to come up with the system keeping both groups of fans happy. The screen at the front of the pub was showing the Rugby and the one at the back the football. In the pub’s small garden there was also another TV screen showing the football.  They also have regular live jazz nights too.

The Effra Hall Tavern is a good solid pub. As I said, it retains the character and spirit of Brixton – long may that continue!

(The pub has no website)



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