Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters continues my run on the first stretch of the Victoria Line which opened on 1st September 1968. It was built to allow interchange with the existing British Rail station here. The platform motif here is of seven trees, designed by Hans Ungar who also did the Blackhorse Road design. It was infact the trees which were the Seven Sisters which gave the area its name

There are actually three Underground platforms at Seven Sisters with one – Platform 4 only served by trains that terminate at the station. If you’re into the minutia of the tube, there is an excellent article about it from London Reconnections.

The Pub: The Fountain, 125 West Green Road, N15 5DE

There are two distinct exits to Seven Sisters, to get to the Fountain avoid the Seven Sisters Road exit and then head out of the ticket hall and follow the signs to exit onto the lively West Green Road. Its about a 10minute walk along the road to reach The Fountain.  Pubs around this area haven’t fared well in recent years with many closing, indeed we passed the now shut West Green Tavern en route. The Fountain itself now has a budget hostel/hotel upstairs with a pub still operating on the ground floor. The front of the building was covered in scaffolding on our visit but has an impressive, green tiled frontage which has sadly seen better days.

The interior tells a similar story – while it has some interesting features like old adverts for Guinness, Colmans Mustard and Schweppes and some nice traditional leather seats, overall its not in the best condition. They have a TV Sports Licence here and were showing a West Indies cricket match on our visit – there is a sizeable Afro-Caribbean community within Tottenham so I reckon there were some fans in here mixed in amongst builders in their high vis outfits. The Fountain also has a pool table and a dart board.

Its probably no surprise there was no real ale on tap so was a swift pint of Stella. More surprisingly though is the food, which is a Japanese menu and provided by the restaurant Kata! which has based itself at the pub. Japanese Chips are only £2 – sadly I didn’t try any.

I found The Fountain a little forlorn. With so many pubs in the area shut for one reason or another – some due to disturbances – it is good there is still somewhere hanging on in these parts. It is an interesting building but I wouldn’t really recommend a visit unless you have a burning desire for a drink round these parts!

Visit the pub’s website(mainly info about the hostel!)


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