Northolt station opened on 21st November 1948. It began life as the rail station ‘Northolt Halt’ in 1907 but all mainline rail services ceased when it was transferred over to the Central Line.

Design wise, I’m afraid it’s another one of those dull brick box stations –  not much to see here sadly! There were a couple of plants on the platforms to try and add a bit of colour, although they were really getting a hammering from the elements on the icy evening we visited!

The Pub: The Crown, Ealing Road, UB5 6AA

The Crown is just over five minutes walk from the station. Head south on the main Mandeville Road, turning onto Eastcote Lane, following that along to meet Ealing Road where you’ll find the pub. The lane felt really residential and suburban so I was initially worried we were going the wrong way until we saw the glowing light of the pub and its mock tudor frontage.

The Crown is another fairly big pub and part of the Sizzling Grill chain – a regular site on these suburban stops- who are owned by Greene King. Ales on tap included London Pride, Greene King IPA(no surprises there) and ‘Old Engine Oil’, which from the name didn’t sound particularly appealing to me!  The food is cheap pub favourites, £4.99 for Sausage and Mash and £5.29 for Steak and Kidney Pie plus plenty of burgers and items from their ‘sizzling grill’.

Decor wise, it was pretty generic here as you might expect from a chain pub.  There were lots of TVs showing either Sky News and BBC One, the one nearest us must have had a loose connection as the picture kept going, reminiscent of when the tracking would go funny on an old VHS. They also have a garden which includes a smoking shelter.  The Crown has a quiz machine but we didn’t try our luck on this occasion. There were also adverts on the wall for an upcoming soul music night, as well as DJ Bigshot…

Overall,  The Crown was a pretty standard chain pub and while it’s not a terrible pub, I certainly preferred the pubs at West and South Ruislip and would recommend them if you need a drink in these parts.

Visit their website



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