Ruislip Gardens

Ruislip Gardens is the midway section of my trilogy of Ruislip Stations on the western edges of the Central Line.  It first joined the Underground on 21st November 1948, the rail station here having opened 14 years earlier in 1934.  Mainline rail services in turn ended in 1958.

As stations go, its pretty dull on an architecture front.  The ticket office is a pretty standard brick box structure and the canopies providing shelter at the platform level are functional but rather ugly, with no real design merit to them at all.

The Pub: The Bell Inn, 298 West End Road, HA4 6LS

To reach The Bell, head out of the station onto West End Road and head a couple of minutes up the road where you’ll reach the pub.

The Bell Inn is now also a hotel with a few rooms upstairs, but also has a fully functioning pub downstairs. While its interior was in many respects pretty average,  it did have a proper fire which added a bit of character to the place. One of the back walls was decorated with a ‘bookshelf’ wall paper, which reminded me of the backgrounds on my old school photos. There were also some black and white photos of Ruislip on the walls too.

There were a couple of ales on tap,  Doombar and Greene King IPA.  I didn’t see anyone eating here or any menus but their website suggests there are standard pub classics here available for around the £5.50 to £7 mark.

There were a few TV screens here but they all had Heart Radio on! The Bell had a fair amount of people in on our Wednesday visit, albeit all men except the barstaff! A couple had pet dogs, one of which looked very happy in a basket near the fire – it looked very much at home!

The Bell Inn was perfectly adequate to have a pint in and I have definitely been to worse for the blog. But if you don’t feel the need to drink around Ruislip Gardens, I’d suggest going elsewhere.

Visit their website



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