Chigwell became part of the London Underground on 21st November 1948, as the final parts of the Hainault loop were electrified and incorporated into the Central Line. On one of the platforms it seems as if the staff here set up their own little garden to mark the Tube’s 150th Anniversary in 2013. It’s a nice little gesture but the plants have certainly seen better days.

One thing that struck me here is the irregularity of the service – there are only three trains an hour in each direction. Certainly a culture shock when compared to the train every 2 minutes or so on the Victoria Line!

The Pub: The King William IV, High Road, IG7 6PJ

Its a quick stroll from the tube to the pub, head out of Station Road and get onto the High Road, head down here for a couple of minutes and you’ll find the William IV opposite a parade of shops.  The first interesting thing we noticed about the William IV was the fact there were speakers on the outside of the building, so we could hear music playing as we headed in here. The music playing was the same as we heard inside, so it must have been hooked up to the same system.

The King William IV has a modern, uncluttered interior.  While they had no problem with us just coming here for drinks, it does feel more like a restaurant and everyone else here seemed to be here for meals. They did have Bombardier on tap and a decent selection of bottled beers too including a gluten free option.  In the end we did end up getting a snack,  some sides of chips and sweet potato fries, which did the job. The food here is a mixture of English classics and foreign dishes like Linguine and Crispy Duck Salad. There is also ‘Steak, Mushroom and Doombar Pie’ so one of my favourite ales is available here, albeit within a pie. There are some tables outside but its obviously not the weather for that at the moment

The King William IV used to be a Harvester, so it has certainly changed! It was decent here, like I said they didn’t have a problem when we initially just ordered drinks and there were a few seats near the bar that seemed for that purpose. It is primarily a restaurant though so bear that in mind if you’re looking for a more typical pub experience.

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