Grange Hill

Now when you mention Grange Hill, the iconic long-running BBC TV kids drama is the first thing that will spring to many peoples minds. The fictional school was actually supposed to be in a suburb of North London so sadly there isn’t connection to the local area or many blue plaques to commemorate where ‘Just Say No’ was first performed.

Grange Hill tube station first opened on the Central Line on 21st November 1948 and like other stations on the Hainault loop, had begun life as a railway station in 1903. While the platform shelters and structures date from the Edwardian period, the rather dull ticket office building is late 1940s, the original having been destroyed by a German V1 bomb during the Second World War.

The Pub: The Two Brewers, 57 Lambourne Road, IG7 6ET

The real world Grange Hill turned out to be incredibly barren for pubs and is definitely one of the furthest walks we’ve had to do. It is however a very easy to follow route, just head East along Lambourne Road for the best part of 25minutes until you stumble on ‘The Two Brewers.’ The Maypole’, slightly closer to the station and my original choice as its still listed as open on some websites was sadly very desolate and permanently closed! Its often said that 30pubs a week are closing across the country – as a general rule I’ve felt quite insulated from that in Central London but I’ve certainly noticed alot of derelict pubs as I’ve headed further out.

It’s a big pub although the relatively low ceiling gives it a cosy vibe. As well as various alcoves with comfy seats, there is also a side room at the back which seems to be the dining area. There is a front garden which has a courtyard feel and I liked the old style ‘London Stout’ and ‘India Pale Ale’  painted onto the walls. They also had a decent selection of board games including Cluedo and Guess Who? The Two Brewers had a nice roaring fire on the go when we visited and combined with the low ceiling and wooden beams, helped create a country pub atmosphere.

The beermats here have information about walks in the nearby Hainault Forest Country Park, which is a nice touch. It was very quiet when we first arrived here and we were practically the only customers but thankfully it started to fill up a bit by the time we left. Ale wise, there was 6X from Wadworth and Brunnings and Price Bitter. I went for the 6X as its always a reliable option. Two pints were only £6.60 which is reasonable these days.  The food menu is mainly traditional British classics, sausage and mash,  roast pork loin and the like. Most mains are around the £12-13 mark.

Now I really liked The Two Brewers and it was a worthy reward after our travails to get here. It’s a very good pub but is a trek from the station. To put it in perspective, you can walk from Warren Street Station down to Leicester Square on the Northern line on foot quicker than the journey from the station to the pub here. I do recommend it but it’s probably a better bet if you’re walking in the nearby countryside rather than as a trip from the tube stop!

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