Redbridge station opened on 14th December 1947 on the Central Line’s eastern extension. Like other stations on the branch, its initial opening was delayed by World War Two.  During the war, the completed tunnels here were used by the company Plessey as a factory for aircraft parts.

The station building is another solid effort from Charles Holden, complete with a circular ticket hall and a tower with the Underground roundel on it. The Essex County emblem is on the tiles as you make your way towards the platforms. It was Grade II listed in June 2011.

The Pub: The Red House, Redbridge Lane East, IG4 5BG

Redbridge is very suburban and there wasn’t much by the way of pubs here. The only real option, which we had to go for, is the Beefeater which is opposite the station and on the ground floor of a Premier Inn. If you’re coming here, be careful because google sometimes lists its location as half way up the road where it most certainly isn’t!

As a Beefeater Grill based within a Premier Inn, it probably won’t come as much surprise when I say it had a pretty generic interior here. There wasn’t much of note here and it felt a bit like an airport bar as it lacked any real distinguishing features or atmosphere. On the plus side, there was a quiz machine. There were a couple of TV screens which were only showing an episode of Come Dine With Me on Channel Four.

There were no ales available on tap so we had to make do with Stella – there were to their credit a few bottled ales available including Old Speckled Hen. The food is standard ‘grill’ fare – burgers, steaks, ribs and other pub staples like Fish and Chips. Unlike the Flaming Grill and other chain pubs it’s not cheap and most mains are over £11 There is also has a small garden which backs onto a busy road and roundabout so am not sure how enjoyable it would be. There were only a few people here on our late Saturday afternoon visit. I did visit a similar Premier Inn/Beefeater double header out in Northwick Park, to their credit this one was a lot cleaner.

I think it doesn’t take much thought to imagine a Beefeater under a Premier Inn not being the most inspiring place to have a drink. Unless you like that prospect, I wouldn’t really recommend coming here!

Visit their website


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