Perivale first opened on 30th June 1947 as part of the Central Line extension to West Ruislip. Its another example of an impressive Charles Holden design, this time with a striking curved frontage. It was due to have a tower attached(I assume like other stations designed by Holden on the Piccadilly Line) but this never materialised.  The station building was Grade II listed in 2011.   With some of its window panels missing, it looks as if it could do with some refurbishment.

The Pub: The Myllet Arms, Western Avenue, UB6 8TE

It’s very suburban around the tube station so there isn’t much by the way of pubs. To reach the only real pub round here,  head down Horsenden Lane South till you reach the busy A40. The pub, The Myllet Arms, is on the other side of the A40, and can be reached by using the fly-over – you certainly couldn’t cross that massive road.  Crossing that fly-over, I could see The Shard as a small dot in the distance, another reminder of how far out it is here!

The Mylett Arms is a Wacky Warehouse – a pub which is marketed as ‘family friendly’ and with facilities for kids. These and similar chains were very big in the 1990s but are now much rarer given that the majority of pubs welcome kids. It certainly felt strange to come to a pub with one of those ‘grabber’ machines you expect to find in an arcade or a soft drink dispenser you’d usually see at a Pizza Hut.There wasn’t much of an atmosphere here on our Sunday afternoon visit.  The decor is pretty standard with generic ‘London’ photos on the wall such as red phone boxes and Big Ben.

The majority of the clientele here were families, but it all seemed rather subdued on our Sunday afternoon visit. The Mylett Arms also has a sizeable back garden, but given it pretty much backs onto the busy A40, its not the most picturesque spot! There was supposed to be one ale on tap here, Greene King IPA, but that turned out to be off when I tried to order it. A couple of lagers I then tried to get also were off too so we ended up with a pint of Stella! As you might expect, the food menu is pretty basic pub grub, with a kids and even a ‘tot club’ menu….

With such limited options round here, if you had to have a drink in Perivale,  The Mylett Arms. However its rather soulless vibe and proximity to the grimness that is the A40 would make me advise against visiting here unless you really have to! Coming here is a good reminder of how lucky parents are these days that so many more pubs are family friendly so they don’t have to go to places like this by default..

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