Mill Hill East

Ah Mill Hill East, that little stub hanging off near the end of the Northern Line. In some of my recent entries, I’ve spoke about the Northern Heights project and Mill Hill East being left out on a limb is probably the most visual representation of the curtailment of that scheme.

The original plan, conceived in the mid 1930s as part of the Underground’s ‘New Works Programme’ would have seen it linked to Edgware, joining up the two northern branches of the line before an extension of the route to Bushey Heath.  These latter stages of the project were put on ice due to the war, the transfer of the short section of the line to Mill Hill East was completed in 1941 to allow access to the nearby barracks. When the rest of the programme was axed in the early 1950s with funds prioritised for repairing war damage and the Central Line extension, poor Mill Hill East was left out on a limb.

The Victorian station buildings here, like those at Finchley Central, date back to its opening on the main-line rail route in 1867 and add to the air of a quiet rural railway station.  As it mainly only served by a shuttle service to Finchley Central every 15minutes outside peak hours, it is perhaps unsurprising it is the least well used station on the entire Northern Line.

The Pub: The Adam and Eve, The Ridgeway, NW7 1RL

It is incredibly residential around the station with not a pub in sight. The only nearby option, The Adam and Eve, is a good 15-minute walk up the hill. It may be a fair distance from the tube, but at least it’s a straight forward walk, simply keep on Bittacy Hill until it becomes The Ridgeway and you can’t miss it. It’s set slightly off the road but should still be visible, especially at night thanks to the fairy lights that cover its car-park.

Inside, its a spacious pub with a mix of traditional and contemporary features. There are comfy leather sofas and old wooden looking seats. It also has a number of paintings of Adam and Eve on the wall – unsurprising given the name! We visited around Halloween, hence the Pumpkins and fake cobwebs you can make out in my photos! As well as the main bar downstairs, there is also an upstairs dining room which looked very smart(if empty!) on our visit.

The ales on tap here included Tribute, Abbott and Butcombe Bitter. The menu is towards the gastropub end of things,  with Linguine and Gnocchi on offer as well as burgers, steaks and seabass.  Prices range from around £11 to just under £20 for premium options such as the Steak and Lamb Shank,  which I’ve found to be in-line with similar pubs I’ve visited in the outer suburbs. A significant proportion of the menu is seasonal too.

The pub professes to be dog friendly and states that dog treats and bowls of water are available if you ask behind the bar, which I thought was a nice touch. There is a cupboard full of board games here as well as regular comedy and music nights. The Adam and Eve also has an ample back garden with plenty of seating and a covered area for those less clement rainy days.

I enjoyed our visit to The Adam and Eve. It was a welcoming pub with a good atmosphere. If you do find yourself in or nearby Mill Hill East,an unlikely prospect I expect for many, it is definitely worth popping in!

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