Elm Park

Elm Park station opened on 13th May 1935, another in-fill station on the District Line that was enabled by the construction of additional electrified tracks by London,  Midland and Scottish Railway. It also marks the end of my travels on the District Line – some 60 stations in total!

Building wise, its a generic grey brick box ticket office. It does have a wider ramp down to the platforms than usual, which you can see in the gallery. This is as far as I could get as the rest of the station was closed due to engineering works.

The Pub: Good Intent, South End Road, RM12 5NU

Sadly Elm Park is another area that has fared badly on the pub front. One of its former boozers by the station, The Elm Park, is now a Sainsburys, which has taken up a proportion of the building, the rest remains empty and rather forlorn. As a result, the only real pub option round here is just under 20minutes walk. To get there, head onto The Broadway, sticking on that road until it becomes Coronation Drive.  Stay on that road until you reach South End Drive, head right down here and you’ll reach The Good Intent after about 5mins.

Aside from having an excellent name,  The Good Intent is a ‘Flaming Grill’ pub. I’ve visited these a few times in the more suburban locations such as Wimbledon Park and East Acton. They pride themselves on their ‘Flaming Guarantee’ – if the food isn’t to your satisfaction, they’ll bring you another one.  Sadly they seemed to be a victim of their own success on our visit as there was an hour wait for food as a large group had just all ordered the steak, so I can’t testify this time whether the guarantee was needed! We made do with crisps and nuts instead. On the ale front, Doombar, Greene King IPA and Ruddles County.

Like their other venues we’ve been too, The Good Intent is a large, spacious pub. There are pictures of old Hornchurch on the wall but aside from that, its a pretty standard interior décor wise. There are various sections including a slightly raised area. A lot of families with children were here having their Sunday dinner. It also has BT/Sky Sports so there were also plenty of people watching the football here.  The pub also has a large back garden backing onto a nearby playing field. My disappointment from not being able to get a flaming burger was lifted somewhat by the quiz machine here. Not only was it in full working order, but we even managed to win a few quid on Pub Quiz!

Elm Park is a real pub desert and if you’re looking for a drink I’d doubt you’d be round these parts! But if for whatever reason you are, The Good Intent is a solid bet.

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