Upminster Bridge

Upminster Bridge first opened its doors on 17th December 1934 on the District Line, following construction of additional tracks between Upminster and Barking allowing the opening of additional intermediate stations on this route.

When I visited Upminster Bridge, I fell foul of weekend engineering works and so had to get here on foot via Upminster due to engineering works – it had to happen again sooner or later! In many respects, the brick ticket office is very similar to other East London District Line stops but it is marked out by its hexagonal roof. Even though the station was closed, I was able to get into the ticket office and spotted an old red phonebox located within the hall.

The Pub: The Windmill, 167 Upminster Road, RM14 2RB

The Windmill is a a very short walk from the station, heading East along Upminster Road. In fact you can even make out the pub as you exit the station.

Inside, its a spacious pub with the main area seating around the bar as well as sections towards the back of the pub. Its a Green King ‘Pub and Flame Grill’, so it has their usual range of ales including Abbott and their IPAs and EPAs, in addition to Naked Ladies from the Twickenham Brewery. As the earlier prefix suggested, a lot of their food menu is orientated around meat with a a variety of burgers and steaks to choose from, as well as other ‘pub classics’. The Windmill was previously known as the Bridge House and sounded very unwelcoming from this review on beerintheevening – thankfully its put those days behind it.  There is a quiz AND curry night here on Wednesdays, one up on the usual Wetherspoons offer!

The garden here felt almost as big as the pub itself. There are a couple of tables outside the front of the pub, backing onto the road. In addition, there is a larger area in front of The Windmill’s side entrance, which is where we sat. Finally, there is also a back garden patio which includes seating under gazebos for smokers. In short, its vast!

As I said, we sat in the side garden catching some Autumnal sun. I very rarely document other peoples conversations while doing the blog but two gents opposite us were having a thorough conversation about creationism vs the big bang and when they agreed to disagree on that topic, they then moved onto particles that make up the Sun.  It seemed slightly out of place but maybe a few Abbott Ales on a Sunday brings out the philosopher in all of us?

Although nothing special, The Windmill is a solid enough spot for a pint.

Visit their website


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