When it comes to iconic tube buildings, they don’t come much better than Southgate! Someone once described it as looking space age, and its not hard to see why with its flying saucer-esque ticket office, complete with small beacon on top. On the subject of sci-fi, it has been said the beacon served as a inspiration for the design of a Dalek.  Another design master class from Charles Holden and well worth a trip up here to appreciate it for yourself.

The station first opened on 13th March 1933, the same day as Oakwood, as part of the Piccadilly Line’s northern extension.

The Pub: The Woodman, 128 Bourne Hill, N13 4BD

The Woodman is about 10minutes walk from the station. When leaving it, head onto The Bourne and keep on this until you reach the pub. Part way along, this road becomes Bourne Hill. Its a pleasant walk, especially as when passing Grovelands Park where it all feels very leafy. This route also passes a sign to The Priory, although I chose not to take this as an omen…

In keeping with the leafy surroundings, The Woodman has a bit of a country pub atmosphere, especially in the small bar at the front of the pub with wood panelling throughout. This wasn’t staffed on our visit so all drinks orders were being processed at the main bar, a bigger room towards the back of the pub. In addition to this, there is also a conservatory type room at the front which was set out for those eating here.

Beer wise, there were three ales on tap here. They were all Marston offerings – Pedigree, Bitter and the EPA –  it is of course a big brewery but whose beers I see less and less in pubs these days. The food menu here is primarily English fare with most dishes around the £10 mark. I had the burger here and it was excellent, very filling and with excellent chips.

As well as being roomy inside, The Woodman also has a large back garden, containing a children’s play area and a few tables in a small front garden too.  The pub has BT and Sky Sports – a sign outside the pub was also advertising live music coming up when we dropped in. It also looked as if they had a quiz machine, but sadly it was just running a set of fruit machine type games on it.

I really liked The Woodman. It’s a welcoming homely pub and the food I had here was great! Definitely a good spot for anyone living in the northern reaches of the Piccadilly Line.

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