Kingsbury brings to a close my trio of Jubilee Line stations for now. It opened on 10th December 1932 on the Metropolitan Railway, before transferring to the Bakerloo in 1939 and then the Jubilee in 1979.

The station building thankfully has more in common with Stanmore’s country house feel rather than the concrete drabness of Canons Park. The building itself also incorporates a small parade of retail outlets.

The Pub: Roisin Dubh, 1 Fryent Way, NW9 9ER

Reversing the usual trend for these Northerly suburban stops, there are actually a few drinking options close by Kingsbury tube stop. We passed both a Wetherspoons and Hennessys, an Irish bar, en route to our choice Roisin Dubh, located down the side road Fryent Way just past the car phone warehouse.

As you might gather from the name, it’s another Irish bar. The interior is filled with various bits of Irish memorabilia such as maps of Ireland and sporting figures, including former Ireland football team manager Jack Charlton.  There is a number plate saying ‘Feckit’ above the bar,  which strikes me as more ‘cod Irish’ than anything else! It advertised that it has both Sky and BT Sports here. We were greeted by the now familiar sight of At the Races on the TV during our visit.

While there were no ales available on tap here, the Dubh still had an incredible offer. All pints here(at the time of writing!) are £2.50 on Monday to Thursdays! I don’t think you could get a pint of lager that cheaply when I first moved to London nine years ago, and you can now certainly add nearly £2 on that price in a number of Central London bars.

It was fairly busy on our Wednesday evening visit. It seemed to be quite a locals bar, not in an intimidating way but equally, the sort of place you might have a robust discussion on football if you’d stated you were say a Spurs or United fan.

I thought the Roisin Dubh was alright – nothing special but you can’t knock pints being £2.50 for the majority of the week!

(This pub has no website)



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