Arnos Grove

Arnos Grove marks another milestone for the blog – its the 200th station I’ve visited! It also means the end, although still distant on the horizon, is getting slightly closer in sight.  It also concludes – for now, my Piccadilly line travels.  Like the last four stations I’ve visited, it also opened on 19th September 1932. It marks the point where the Piccadilly Line emerges above ground, having been down in tunnels since leaving Barons Court some 20-odd stops earlier

Its another Charles Holden design, indeed it feels a bit like the Holden show on here at the moment. However in contrast to some of his other efforts I have seen recently, the station building here is circular rather than his more usual box shaped design – this gives the interior of the ticket hall a rather striking design which is enhanced by the lighting around its central column. The station was awarded Grade II* listed building status by English Heritage in 2011, having previously been designated as Grade II listed back in 1971.

The Pub: Molly’s Bar, 380 Bowes Road, N11 1AH

Just because Arnos Grove is the 200th stop, it didn’t mean the gods would align it so there was a feast of options to choose from here and so it turned out to be. Choices here were limited so we went for Molly’s Bar on Bowes Road, a couple of minutes north of the station.

As you might gather from the sign and the name, Molly’s Bar is an Irish pub. Its a relatively small, thin bar with the obligatory Irish memorabilia on the walls.  Sadly there are no ales on tap here so I had to go for a Kronenberg. The bar has a couple of TVs, one was showing At the Races and another had an Irish TV channel on.

Molly’s seems like quite a local’s haunt, indeed there are pictures of some of the regulars on the wall towards the back of the bar. That said, it certainly wasn’t one of those places where the eyes followed you as soon as you arrived. It also has a jukebox which was in heavy rotation during our time here. Elvis was a particular favourite with several of his songs playing with some audience participation, as well as other ’50s and ’60s songs. Later, ‘My Heart Will Go On’ by Celine Dion, which seemed a bit of a curious choice given the previous songs,  came on at full volume.  It was at this point we decided it was our time to go on.

In short, Molly’s was perfectly alright to have a quick drink in but unless you live in these parts and want a drink close to home, I’m not sure there is really much reason to visit it!

(the pub has no website)




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