Upney first opened on 12th September 1932, as part of the electrification of the District Line. It was actually built and operated by the London, Midland and Scottish Railway and subsequently British Railways after nationalisation, it only passed into London Transport’s hands in 1969.

The station building itself is a rather dull rectangle brick box like Becontree’s. The shelters at the platform level are also fairly non-descript too.

The Pub: The Thatched House, Ripple Road, IG11 9PG

Upney is very much Zone 4 suburbia, so finding a pub wasn’t easy. The Thatched House is about a 10minute walk from the station, heading along Upney Lane until a turning onto Ripple Road. The pub itself is just past some warehouses/car lots and near a big road bridge – all in all it feels very industrial round here. There is a car wash and a petrol station right by the pub so if you’ve found that, you’re sorted.

Inside, its a really large place with various different seating areas, some raised, away from the main bar. In terms of décor, its truly unique – I’ve not seen another pub like it on the tour.  There are lots of vivid colours, some of the walls are painted purple and there are plenty of glittery mirror balls about. There is even one in the shape of a woman’s body – stay classy Upney!  This area also had a lot of little mirrors on the ceiling. I was really surprised to find a pub with these touches here, especially when you look out of the window and see a rather bleak, industrial landscape.  There were also large wheels attached to the alcove we were sat in, I’m not quite sure how they went with anything else here! Given the space here, its perhaps unsurprising there are a couple of pool tables – after all, they’ve got the room!

There aren’t any ales on tap here but that said, our two pints of Kronenberg came to £6 which is pretty remarkable for London. The pub’s website stated they did food but there was no sign of it on our visit.  There weren’t too many people here on our visit so the place felt rather empty.  Given how large it is and slightly off the beaten track location, I struggle to imagine it ever being rammed here. It has a Sky Sports Licence too.

While it might not have stellar qualities as a pub, I do feel like The Thatched House is worth visiting solely for its interior. I think you have to see it for yourself!

Visit their website.


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