Colliers Wood

Colliers Wood continues my journey through the Southern stations of the Northern Line which all opened on 13th September 1926. Like the others on this stretch of the line, the station was designed by Charles Holden and is very similar to its neighbours with the Portland Stone block. A feature of these buildings I really like are the chandelier style lighting grids, albeit updated with modern bulbs, but as you’ll see from the gallery, it still looks distinctive.

The Pub: The Charles Holden, 198 High Street, SW19 2BH

With a name like that, there simply couldn’t be any other option for the pub I visited here – combining a pub with a leading figure in the Tube’s history is completely in tune with what I’ve been trying to do on this blog! Its very easily found from the station, being located on the opposite side of the road barely a minute or two away.

Inside, its a spacious, modern gastropub that has thankfully retains some traditional features, especially around the bar. The big bay windows looking out onto the street help to make it feel light and airy inside. As well as the main area by the front entrance, there is also a side room as well as a section at the back of the pub. It has a decent sized garden with a fair amount of greenery dotted around it. Some of the seating is underneath awnings offering protection against the elements.

It has a solid range of ales with Tribute, Adnams Ghost Ship, Dizzy Blonde and the pub’s own specialty, the Charles Holden IPA. The food menu is what I’d call pub classics for the gastro generation – sausage and mash, fish and chips, burgers and steaks. As it was a Sunday, lots of people round us were having roasts but I went for the burger and my friend had sausage and mash. Both were hefty portions, very tasty and certainly hit the spot for an afternoon of pub exploring!

You can tell from the interior that the Charles Holden is very much a Rugby pub. The wall of the back area we were sitting in is decorated with photos of Rugby players, with a collection of Rugby balls perched above them. With a few months to spare, they were also giving patrons the option of reserving their seats now for the Rugby World Cup which starts in earnest in September.  The pub also has a Sky/BT Sports Licence and it will come as no surprise to hear they were showing Rugby on our visit! Continuing on the gaming theme, there was also a selection of board games including a special edition of Trivial Pursuit focused on the 1980s – certainly up my street!

The Charles Holden is a top pub which gets all the important things right. Its certainly worth a visit if you’re based in South London!

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2 thoughts on “Colliers Wood

  1. Used to be the Victory until about 10 years ago (and the Holiday Inn next door was Colliers Wood bus garage). Has had a variable reputation over the years and I seem to recall that the rugby association was with a particular club but I can’t remember which.

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