South Wimbledon

South Wimbledon marks the second stop on my run of stations on the City and South London Railway’s extension from Clapham Common to Morden which all opened on 13th September 1926.

Like others on the extension, this was another designed by Charles Holden. The station building here is at a street corner, rather than in a parade as had been the case in Morden. It also remains more visually striking, benefitting from the fact there is no other development behind it. Its been Grade II listed since 1987.

Soon after opening, the station name was modified slightly to South Wimbledon(Merton) reflect the fact it is closer to Merton than Wimbledon.  This suffix was dropped in the 1950s but remains on a couple of the roundels at platform level.

The Pub: The Trafalgar Freehouse, 23 High Path, SW19 2JY

To reach the pub,  get onto Morden Road and head South until you reach High Path a couple of minutes down the road.  The Trafalgar Freehouse is located a short walk along High Path, just past Merton Abbey Primary School. You have to look out quite clearly for the pub, its located in an unassuming building so you could easily miss it!

Its equally modest inside, a small one roomed pub which in some respects feels closer to being in someones living room.  The walls are decorated with a collection of paintings relating to the Battle of Trafalgar and Nelson, as well as other naval related items such as a Ship’s wheel. Everything is presented in a very understated way.

Above the bar, The Trafalgar advertised that it has a regularly rotated selection of real ales.  On our visit, these included a selection from the Surrey Hills brewery. I’ve been walking out in those parts recently so it felt appropriate to go for their Greensand Way Ale,  a very pleasant IPA.  My friend went for the High Wire IPA and gave it a glowing recommendation. The Traf doesn’t do much by the way of food – sausage rolls are available though

The pub was very quiet when we first arrived but gradually over the course of our pint, more and more people filed in. There was one TV towards the back of the back, which had Athletics on BBC One showing but was very firmly in the background. There are also live music nights on Thursday evenings, given the pub’s size, am sure these are quite intimate affairs!

I was really taken by the Trafalgar. Something here just clicked for me. At a time where pubs are increasingly bustling venues with various goings-on vying for your attention it’s so refreshing to find somewhere where you can enjoy a fine pint and have a good chat with your companion without any other distractions. Sometimes that’s exactly what’s called for, for those moments, you can’t go much wrong with The Traf!

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