Morden marks the southernmost point on the whole tube network. It’s a bit ironic that the Underground’s southern extremities are all on the Northern Line, but there you go, that’s London for you!

The station first opened on 13th September 1926, marking the completion of the extension of the City and South London Railway down from Clapham Common. This route also saw the first real involvement of Charles Holden in London Underground architectural design. Morden station itself is an impressive example of his work with the octagonal roof within the ticket hall and the distinctive Portland stone box design of the ticket hall.  I think the wider impact of the building is a little diluted by the 1960s office block behind it.

The Northern Line finally surfaces from its tunnel here – on the route to High Barnet vis Bank, the longest on the entire network at 17.3miles.  The platforms are covered by a roof very similar to the one seen all that way North and then some at Edgware.

The Pub: Ganleys, 43-47 London Road, SM4 5HT

Ganleys is just across the road from the station – you can’t miss it with its very vivid green sign and painted frontage.

Now a number of the Irish bars I’ve visited in North London have tended to be rather small, one room affairs. Ganleys is anything but – its really expansive once you get inside, you could cram so many people into this place! They’ve also gone all out on the Irish decorations with crests of arms, Irish street signs and even Celtic patterned floor tiling. There’s also plenty of other memorabilia here like an old accordian and typewriter on one of the wall shelves. I’m not sure if the hexagonal tables and more Gothic type seating is also Celtic, but I liked it anyway.

Ganleys must also have the most TVs I’ve seen in any pub outside America(bar Sports Cafe types obviously!) with plenty of different sports on offer including Rugby, GAA Hurling(as you might expect in an Irish bar), Cricket plus At the Races. There are lots of beer taps here but most are lagers – a couple of ales were available in the shape of Ruddles Best and Golden Bay, with puntastic ‘Ale Fresco’ coming soon.

We went on a Sunday where their carvery was in full flow – indeed there is separate part of the building for people who just want to eat.  A couple of people near us were enjoying one – they are massive.  If you’d had one of them at lunch, you’d be set for the day. There is a strict notice on the sign towards the Carvery section though – ‘no plate sharing!’.  There was a healthy amount of people here for an early Sunday afternoon – it wasn’t rammed but enough people were in for a lively atmosphere.

I was a fan of Ganleys and would definitely come back. The interior is a little over the top but it works here!

Visit their website



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