Hendon Central

Hendon Central first opened on 19th November 1923, at the time serving as the terminus of the then Charing Cross, Euston and Hampstead Railway.  This status was shortlived as the line was extended to Edgware the following year.

Design wise, it shares many traits with Brent Cross as both opened on the same day and was also designed by Stanley Heaps. However I’d say Hendon is the more impressive of the two – the station occupies a prominent location on the main thoroughfare with its distinctive Doric columns. It is also a Grade II Listed building.

While it is probably true to call Hendon suburbia, the area around the station could be called anything but quiet as it opens out onto the very busy Hendon Way section of the A41.

The Pub: The Greyhound, Church End, NW4 4JT

As I said, the area immediately around the station is rather overshadowed by the A41, so we decided to head away from there and towards the quieter back streets.  The pub is around a 15 minute walk from the tube stop. Head north up the main Watford Way A41 on the same side of the road as the station, until turning right onto The Burroughs. Head along the road, passing the Middlesex University Building. Finally turn left onto Church End and you’ll find the Greyhound a little way up the road.

The Greyhound is part of the Ram Pub Company, a group of individually run pubs from Youngs. It is a rarity too see anything Youngs related so far North from their spiritual home of Wandsworth and South West London. Entering the main room by the bar, it immediately felt like a traditional country pub with leather backed seats and old photos and mirrors on the wall. As well as the small area around the bar, there are two side rooms. The larger is set out more as dining area in terms of how the tables and chairs were arranged.

We ended up sitting in the smaller room at the back – I’m glad we did because I was really taken with it! The red painted walls combined with comfy sofas and chairs made it feel very cosy. There was an interesting collection of photos on the wall dedicated to planes from years gone by, perhaps no surprise given the proximity of the old Hendon Aerodrome and now RAF Museum.  I also particularly liked the wood panelling on the wall which felt like it had come straight from an old church. This room also had an assortment of board games, including Trivial Pursuit 1995 edition. Excellent for anyone up on current affairs in the mid ’90s.

As a Youngs pub, there were their standard range of ales on tap. Food wise, we were lucky enough to visit on a Wednesday where all burgers are only a fiver. I had one, it was excellent and fantastic value for money. There are similar deals on other nights of the week, such as £5 Pizzas on Tuesdays.

The Greyhound was a cracking pub. I wholeheartedly recommend visiting it. Homely interior, great beers and excellent burgers – what’s not to love?  I’m just sad I don’t live closer otherwise I think I’d be here all the time!

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