Northwick Park

Northwick Park first opened on the Metropolitan Line on 28th June 1923 as ‘Northwick Park and Kenton’, before gaining its present name on 15th March 1937. Perhaps its original name would be more appropriate as the station is very close to the nearby Kenton station – indeed it is one of London Underground’s designated ‘out of station interchanges’, where if you tap in and out between the two it is only counted as one journey.

The station itself is rather run of the mill. A bit of colour is added to the place in the shape of some artwork on display from students at the nearby University of Westminster.

The Pub: The Travellers Rest, Kenton Road, HA3 8AT

The route to this pub is handly signposted from the station – follow the directions to nearby Kenton station and you’ll find it. While it is true the pub is right by Kenton tube but the dearth of pubs in the local area also means it is the closest to Northwick Park too! This is also the reason I went further afield for Kenton station…

From the outside, its hard to tell exactly what this pub is called. Google maps and Beer in the Evening both suggested the name The Travellers Rest, but ‘Beefeater’ is the only signage I saw outside the pub.  Whatever name it goes under, I understand it is linked to the Premier Inn which you can find behind the pub.

Perhaps it is due to its connection to the budget hotel chain, but the interior here is fairly soulless. There is little here which is distinctive, the seating and other decorations are all very generic and I found the lighting a little sterile.  Thankfully, there were a couple of ales on tap here during our visit – London Pride and Pedigree. The food menu is heavily based around steaks, burgers and wings which shouldn’t come as a surprise as its a Beefeater.

To be fair to the place, there were a fair amount of people here on the Friday evening we visited. But as I said before, there really aren’t many options round here. There is also a quiz machine, but sadly it was switched off when we dropped in.

Given there is a University so close by, I am surprised the drinking options here are so limited. It won’t really come as a shock that I don’t recommend a visit here. That is unless you like the idea of a Beefeater linked to a Premier Inn in the suburbs of London.

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