East Acton

East Acton station first opened on 3rd August 1920, as part of the Ealing Broadway Extension of the Central London Railway.  The observant of you will have noticed it opened before North Acton station, the review of which I uploaded last week. This was due to me losing track of which review I was supposed to put online next – one mistake after 175 odd stations isn’t too bad!

It’s a small station in the heart of terraced housing suburbia in Acton and you could easily miss it if you weren’t 100% sure where you were going.  Building wise, there isn’t a tremendous amount going on here. The ticket office is a pleasant enough brick structure while the platform shelters reminded me of those you might find on a small rural station.

The Pub: The Goldsmith Arms, 130 East Acton Lane, W3 7ER

The Goldsmith Arms is just over a 10minute walk from the station. Head down Erconwald Street until you reach Old Oak Common Lane, from there head down until you turn right onto East Acton Lane.  You’ll find the pub where the Lane meets Friars Place Lane. It has a large car park, surely one of the key distinguishing features between suburban pubs and those in the city where you’d be mad to drive to.

Its a big pub inside and was bustling on our Saturday evening visit. There were a fair amount of parents with their children here. Its very bright inside which might make it a more welcoming destination for families. Its a Flaming Grill pub – I’ve stumbled on a couple of theirs before in the similarly suburban locations of Eastcote and Wimbledon Park.

As you might guess from the name, their menu is heavily based around grilled foods. Burgers, steaks and mixed grills all feature highly. There is also a kids menu which might partly explain why there were so many here! Their calling card is the ‘Flamin’ Guarantee’ – if the food doesn’t meet your expectations, they will replace it.  As I said when I first visited one of their pubs, they get my vote solely for having criss-cross fries on the menu!  On the ale front, the only thing available was London Pride.

The Goldsmith has a wide variety of entertainment options available.  As well as a dart board and pool table, there is  a Star Trek pinball machine, which was fantastic, as well as one of those grabber machines you usually see in Seaside amusement arcades. Sadly though the quiz machine appeared to be out of order but then again you can’t have it all. They also have a number of TVs and a Sky Sports licence.

In short, The Goldsmith is a perfectly decent boozer – spacious in a way that only suburban pubs can be!

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