North Wembley

North Wembley first opened on 16th April 1917 on the Bakerloo Line. Like Kenton, the last stop I visited, it had previously opened to mainline rail services five years earlier.

In terms of architectural style it is almost identical to Kenton, albeit in better condition. The footbridge looks like it has been painted recently and isn’t being propped up on one side by scaffolding!

The Pub: The Green Man Pub and Hotel, Dagmar Avenue, HA9 8DF

I’m not going to advertise this under any false pretenses – there aren’t really any pubs near North Wembley tube. The Green Man – the pub we went to – is around a 20minute walk away. If you want to try and find it, I defer to google for the quickest route as I feel my directions might send you round the Wembley suburbs…

Its located up Wembley Hill on Dagmar Avenue – you might not immediate spot it as it is set a little way back from the road. It has a rather massive carpark, as you’ll see from my photo in the gallery.  The pub itself is pretty cavernous too – it was all pretty quiet on our visit but The Green Man could clearly soak up plenty of pre-Wembley drinkers ahead of a big gig or match.

The interior of the place is in good nick and feels well looked after. The walls are decorated with photos from historic Wembley matches as well as famous music stars that have performed at the venue over the years. For that reason, I think it might be the only pub that has a photo of both Andy Gray(the former Everton and Sky Sports commentator) and Freddie Mercury on its walls…

Drinks wise, we were in luck as Doombar was on tap on offer for a mere £2.50 ‘while stocks last.’  The food menu was equally affordable, with very few dishes above £10 – a steak would only set you back £7.29 for example. Talking of luck,  there was also a quiz machine which we even won a few quid on. With beer prices as they were, we probably managed to break even here.

The Green Man also has a large outside area which was pretty deserted on a cold,grey Sunday afternoon but could really pack them in at the height of summer. It can also serve as a spot to stay before your big Wembley day, as there is a small hotel operating above the pub.

The Green Man is a decent enough pub. Its not really near anywhere though, so unless you have a passion for wandering to pubs in obscure locations(guilty as charged), I wouldn’t go out of your way for it.

Visit their website


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