Kenton first opened on the Bakerloo Line on 16th April 1917 –  the overall station itself had opened five years earlier on the London and North Western Railway. Like Harrow and Wealdstone, it too briefly left the tube network when Bakerloo Line services terminated at Stonebridge Park between 1982 and 1984.

As a station, its fairly unremarkable – there isn’t really anything of note architecturally. In places it also looks as if its seen better days, with scaffolding supporting one side of the footbridge across the platforms. The ticket office is also a small non-descript structure.

I almost wasn’t able to get off here at all. The doors failed on the creaky old Bakerloo Line train that brought me here. After a few minutes of trying, the driver had to manually unlock a door in each carriage to let us all off. Another example of the tired nature of the Bakerloo Line!

The Pub: The New Moon, 25-26 Kenton Park Parade, Kenton Road, HA3 8DN

There may be a pub right by Kenton tube but we chose not to go there, for reasons that will become apparent in a few stops time. Instead we took a ten minute or so walk along Kenton Road, heading East, to The New Moon, which is a Wetherspoons. Its fairly big inside and was pretty busy on our visit. Most of the tables in the main section of the bar were taken so we found a table in the small room at the back.

On the ale front, both Abbott and Ruddles Best were available on tap. Other staples such as Pride and Doombar weren’t on, this may be due to the fact the chain were running their ‘world ales promotion’. There was a map and flags by the bar(no doubt dusted off from World Cup duties) showing the wide variety on offer.  The prices here were very cheap, the beer and burger deal being only £5.49 and other dishes and drinks were equally reasonably priced.

The area we sat in had old estate agent adverts encouraging people to move to Kenton and other Metroland destinations, there were also other old photos of the area dotted around the pub.  The New Moon also has a small outside seating area backing onto the main road.

In short, The New Moon is a pretty standard spoons. It was welcoming enough and we didn’t have any problems here. It may not be the most original option but round these parts you don’t really have an alternative!

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