Goldhawk Road

Goldhawk Road station first opened on 1st April 1914 on the Hammersmith and City Railway, part of the Metropolitan Railway. The line that we know now as the Hammersmith and City Line only came into being in 1990, when the Hammersmith and Barking route was separated from the wider Metropolitan Line identity, along with the East London Line. This is how it appeared in maps prior to this. It joined the Circle Line in 2009 when the route was extended to Hammersmith and the Circle broken at Edgware Road.

Like all intermediate stations between Paddington and Hammersmith on this line, there are no platform indicators. Instead you get a PA system announcing how many minutes away the train is from various stations – if you’re heading into the City, Goldhawk Road is first, conversely if you’re heading to Hammersmith its last. You can also enquire at the information points, although when we tried it some bloke just told us 10minutes but the train arrived well ahead of that.

The Pub: Brewdog Shepherds Bush, 15-19 Goldhawk Road, W12 8QQ

Goldhawk Road marks my first visit to a Brewdog pub. Spawned from the Scottish Brewery that began life in 2007, their first bar opened in 2010 in Aberdeen and there are now several across the country and a few abroad too. It’s a short walk from the station, down Goldhawk Road itself towards Shepherds Bush Common. The Brewdog is just before the Common.

As you can imagine, there is a substantial beer list here. Many of them pack quite a punch so look carefully before buying. Their usual staples like Punk IPA and Brixton Porter are available in addition to many others.  ‘Beer cocktails’ and even Beer Milkshakes were also available on our visit but I wasn’t really in the right mood to take the plunge. They also do food here, mainly burgers, wings and fries.

The interior is kitted out in a stripped back, industrial-esque vibe, with wooden tables and bar stools. There are also booths dotted around the edges of the room and by the windows. It all felt very open on our visit which is in part due to the large front windows looking out on the street. I think the laid back jazz music also helped!

Towards the back of the pub, there are a couple of old arcade and pinball machines. I performed woefully on the AC/DC table, but it was fun while it lasted and the machines signs off with a gruff rock voice saying ‘Thank you’ when your go ends. As well as that, there are a collection of board games too.

In short, this is a nice, spacious pub. It’s definitely worth a visit  – it’s also very close to the Shepherds Bush Empire so a good spot for pre gig drinks!

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