Dollis Hill

Dollis Hill first opened on the 1st October 1909 on the Metropolitan Railway. In 1931 it was renamed as Dollis Hill and Gladstone Park, however it reverted to its original name two years later. In 1939 the Bakerloo Line began calling it, with Metropolitan Line services withdrawn the following year. In 1979, it along with the entirety of the Stanmore Branch, was transferred over to the new Jubilee Line.

Architecturally, the station doesn’t really have any stand out features, with the standard shelters on the platforms seen at other stops on the Jubilee Line stations north of Baker Street. A bit of colour has been provided in the subway in the shape of artwork from Amanda Duncan, which combine historic maps of the local area with ‘interpretations of classic star maps’, according to Wikipedia anyway.

The Pub: Tony’s Bar, 356-360 High Road, NW10 2EG

Getting off at Dollis Hill, the first impression I got was the area around the station had seen better days – it all seemed a little bleak! Nearby the station, we stumbled on the slightly odd sight of model iron(I assume!) horses in a scrapyard. Our original plan was to visit 8s but this looked rather forboding so we went for Tony’s Bar instead. To reach it, head down Cooper Road from the station onto Dudden Hill Lane. From there, head down Colin Road to reach the High Road where you’ll find the pub.

Tony’s is an Irish pub – with references to the Gaelic Games around the place. There are a number of trophies above the bar which have probably been won by teams linked to the pub.The pub has poker and live music nights. It has a number of TVs – At The Races was on when we visited, but they also advertise showing live Football and Rugby.

Sadly there were no ales on tap so we had to make do with lager. Tony’s does serve food along basic pub grub lines, burgers, soup, sandwiches and the like, as well as steaks from their grill menu.  As suburban pubs go, Tony’s was fine. That said, I doubt if you want a pint in these parts you’d have many other places to choose from!

(The pub has no website.)



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