Hounslow East

Hounslow East brings to a close the trilogy of Hounslow stations on the Underground network. It first opened as Hounslow Town on the District Railway on 2nd May 1909, gaining its present name in 1925.

The station has been served by the Piccadilly Line since March 1933, District Line services were removed in October 1964.

The station was rebuilt in the early noughties and has a snazzy, modern vibe to it. The ticket hall in particular has a spacious feel to it, partly due to its high roof. The subways between the platforms are also jauntily decorated with white and green tiling.

The Pub: The White Bear, 198 Kingsley Road, TW3 4AR

As an area, Hounslow isn’t particularly awash with pubs so the choice was limited here. We ventured to The White Bear, complete with mock Tudor frontage, which is about a 5minute walk from the station north up Kingsley Road.

It’s a pretty spacious pub inside – the interior is fairly basic but in decent nick. Abbott Ale was available on tap on our visit for the bargain price of £2.50 – I’m not sure if this was just a temporary/weekday promotion or if its always that cheap! The pub also serves an array of Indian dishes – I didn’t see anyone eating here so I can’t pass any judgement.

The White Bear has a pool table and there is also a stage which must be where the live music advertised at the pub is performed. When we dropped in, there was no band but a projector showing music videos from the rap channel AKA . I have to admit, I’m not sure how well that went with the rather subdued clientele on our Wednesday evening visit.

I’m going to be honest, I wouldn’t really make much use of The White Bear if it were my local. That said, it was a passable place for a quick pint and as such, is better than some of the depressing venues I’ve stumbled upon in the outer suburbs.

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