Preston Road

Preston Road station first opened on 21st May 1908 on the Metropolitan Railway. It used to have the rather snappy name of ‘Preston Road for Uxendon and Kenton.’ It apparently opened in order to allow passengers to reach the nearby clay pigeon shooting venue as part of the 1908 Olympic Games. It gained its present name in the 1920s and was resited between 1931-32.

I assume the present station dates from that period as it has a very ’30s feel. The building also appears to incorporate flats above the ticket hall, something I’m pretty sure I’ve not seen anywhere else on the trail. Now that’s what I call convenient! There is also a station garden here which appeared in fine health when we dropped by with a mixture of plants and shrubbery.

The Pub: The Preston, 161 Preston Road, HA9 8NG

The area around Preston Road station feels typically suburban. There is a small parade of shops with two/three stories of flats above them. The pub is a few minutes south down Preston Road itself. The Preston is an Ember Inn, who we’ve come across in a couple of other outer London locations earlier in the crawl, such as Northwood and Hornchurch.

Inside, it’s a spacious pub, divided into a number of different seating areas. There are various pictures of bygone Preston Road/Wembley decorating the walls. The Preston has a standard Ember Inns menu, so their usual mix of traditional British pub staples. There are always offers on so I was able to get Ham, Egg and Chips for £4.50. For an extra 2 quid, I could have even had two courses, but I wasn’t that way inclined…  Beer wise, there were a few real ales on tap including Brakespears Bitter and Hobgoblin.

There is also an ample garden at the back of the pub. The grass was looking a bit wild and overgrown on our visit, but then again it’s not really the season for tending to them!

Overall, The Preston is a decent, middle of the road offering from Ember Inns. Not worth going out of your way for, but if you’re in these parts and fancy a pint, it will do fine.

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