As far as mainline railway stations go, Euston is probably one of the least popular in London. The tube station is based within the unloved 1960s concrete building. It first opened in 1907, although at the time it existed as two separate stops – one for the City and South London Railway(the Bank branch of the Northern Line) and the other on the Charing Cross, Euston and Hampstead Railway. Interchange was quickly introduced between the two.

The station was comprehensively rebuilt at the end of the 1960s to coincide with the arrival of the Victoria Line and the reconstruction of the British Rail station. The tube station now has no buildings of its own. The underground ticket hall often feels rather cramped and overcrowded with poor tourists trying to get their heads around the Northern line!

The original Leslie Green CCE&HR station building still exists on the junction of Melton and Drummond Streets. If you exit the Euston station complex past the Sainsburys, you’ll spot it.

The Pub: The Euston Tap, 190 Euston Road, NW1 2EF

The Euston Tap is based in one of the few remaining fragments of the much missed old Euston station, one of two stone buildings near the entrance to the bus station. Incidentally, it is between these two buildings that campaigners want to rebuild the Euston Arch.  Its exterior lists some of the various destinations you could reach from Euston such as Coventry and Huddersfield.

The small, thin nature of the building means the pub has an interesting layout. There isn’t really much room for seating downstairs, with most people propping up the bar or perching their pints on the handy ledge that skirts around the wall. A spiral staircase leads up to a fair sized seating area upstairs, where we were able to grab a table. What also caught my eye was a very old Underground map, possibly pre-Harry Beck, on the wall.

The real selling point of the Tap is its wide range of beers, the number of which are available on tap runs into the double figures. The selection varies from strong Belgian beers to Punk IPA, as well as some lesser known English beers. Tread carefully though as some of the beers weigh in at close to 10%. They do generally only sell these to you in halves but even so, I still wouldn’t want to attempt the spiral staircase after a few!

The Euston Tap is a fine little boozer and well worth a visit.

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