Warren Street

Warren Street first opened on 22nd June 1907, along with the rest of the Charing Cross, Euston and Hampstead Railway.  It was initially called Euston Road but the name only lasted for a year – this is however preserved on the Northern Line platforms.

The Victoria Line arrived on 1st December 1968. Like all the other platforms on the Victoria Line, Warren Street has its own decorative tile design in the shape of a maze. The delights of this design are covered on the excellent 150 Great Things About The Underground blog.

The station building is an interesting, circular design and dates from a 1934 rebuild when escalators were installed. On first glance it may seem unremarkable but I think it has an endearing, understated quality.

The Pub: The Northumberland Arms, 119 Tottenham Court Road, W1T 5AW

The Northumberland Arms is on Tottenham Court Road itself, a minute’s walk south down from the tube station.

The pub’s interior feels like it has been modernised relatively recently and the large windows help make the place feel pretty open. There are some traditional elements remaining such as the wooden panels and frosted glass by the door.

A couple of ales were available on our visit – Old Golden Hen and UBU being the two that caught my eye. It was quite quiet on our Saturday evening visit, which combined with the stripped back interior, made the whole place feel rather sparse. To be fair to The Northumberland,  lots of the pubs at the northern end of Tottenham Court Road feel quite barren on weekends with the office workers safely back in suburbia.

Mind you, I have to say I was rather taken by the photo of a goose superimposed on the body of what looks like an old washer woman – that worked for me. The light above it makes it look like there is some sort of aura around said goose! There are also some witty drinking related quotes scattered around the place, just below the ceiling.

The Northumberland Arms is by no means a bad pub –   it just doesn’t feel particularly memorable. I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way to visit it.

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