Hyde Park Corner

Hyde Park Corner first opened on 15th December 1906 on the Great Northern, Piccadilly and Brompton Railway. Following modernisation work in the 1930s to remove the lifts and replace them with escalators, there are now no station buildings above ground.  The station can be spotted by the Underground roundels hovering on the edges of a busy roundabout.

The original Leslie Green station building still exists, but is now occupied by a swanky hotel. I managed to get a photo of the exterior without a top hatted doorman tutting at me…

Given the staton exits out onto a subway, it’s one of those confusing ones where one wrong turn results in you being on completely the wrong side of the road to where you want to be! There is some interesting art in the subway tunnels, which I assume is depicting historical scenes in the park.

The Pub: The Rose and Crown, 2 Old Park Lane, W1K 1QN

The Rose and Crown is located to the east of the Hyde Park Corner roundabout. It is off Piccadilly on Old Park Lane. It is just past the Hard Rock Cafe, so if you pass that, you’re heading in the right directon!

The downstairs of the pub is fairly generic with a white ceiling, green walls and nothing much in the way of interest inbetween! Given the amount of space that has been left seating free and therefore standing space, I assume it must get quite busy at weekends. The crowd on our weekday evening visit was a mixture of suits and tourists.

There were a decent couple of ales available in Black Sheep and Bombardier.  The food looked like standard pub fare with fish and chips and the like. The staff in The Rose and Crown all seemed friendly. I particulary liked the bar manager on duty who told me there wasn’t a charge for card payments because she didn’t think it was fair. More people like that please!

While the downstairs is a bit plain and generic, the upstairs dining room does have more going for it. The deep red walls combine well with the chandeliers helps to give the room a bit of character. I can imagine it being pretty cosy in the winter.

In short, The Rose and Crown is far from a bad pub, it is just not a particularly memorable one. I’m sure you’d have a pleasant time visiting here but there are better and more interesting venues elsewhere, especially in Central London!

Visit their website


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