Eastcote Station first opened on 26th May 1906 on the Metropolitan Railway, the same day as neighbouring Rayners Lane.  Like that station, it too gained District Line services in 1910 that were in turn transferred to the Piccadilly Line in 1933.

It’s also very similar design wise to Rayners Lane, being another Charles Holden 1930s rebuild with a tall brick ticket hall. The outside frontage of the building here was festooned with lights on my trip to the station. It was still very sunny at the time so sadly I didn’t get to see what it looks like in operation, or even what colour the lights are.

Eastcote also has a garden at platform level, dominated by an impressively sized Yukka plant. I hope station staff are keeping it well nourished in this hot weather!

The Pub: The Ascott, 144 Field End Road, HA5 1RF

The Ascott is a few minutes north of the station on Field End Road.It is based in a large building, complete with mock Tudor-frontage.  It has a spacious interior that has been sub-divided into a number of areas. One of the sections, set slightly further back from the main interior, was mainly made up of people eating and had some bookshelves in the alcove to give it a more homely feel.

The pub is part of the ‘Flaming Grill’ chain, who also operate The Woodman which I visited in Wimbledon Park last year. It therefore has the same menu, with an emphasis on burgers, steaks and other grilled foods(unsurprisingly!) available at reasonable prices – a burger and a drink combined was £6.99 on our visit. The Ascott has a decent front garden, with some pot plants scattered around the place for added greenery.

On the ale front, there were some solid beers on tap including Tribute and Old Speckled Hen. It was an interesting mix of clientele on our early Saturday evening visit, with a few kids still running around the place nearly bumping into the older, gravel-voiced gents there to watch the World Cup. The pub was also ramping up the dance music, with people arriving looking well dressed for a night out. There is also a fully functioning quiz machine which I even managed to win £3 on!

Like other outer London pubs I’ve visited, I think The Ascott is going for the ‘Saturday Night’ venue in its own right vibe, to appeal to those who don’t want to trek into town. All in all, it’s another amenable enough place for a drink in suburbia.

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