Lambeth North

Lambeth North tube station first opened on 10th March 1906 as Kennington Road. It only took a couple of months before it was renamed to Westminster Bridge Road, before becoming Lambeth (North) in 1917 and then losing the brackets in 1927.

It’s another standard Leslie Green ‘Oxblood’ coloured station building. It is a relatively quiet station by Zone 1 stations, being located just the other side of the river from Westminster. It is the closest station for the Imperial War Museum, which reopens in a matter of days.

It’s also got a rather fond place in my heart as it was my local tube station for 10 months in 2013.

The Pub: The Ship, 171 Kennington Road,SE11 6SF

I was always going to visit The Ship for Lambeth North. It was here in early 2013 where the idea for the blog first came about while having a drink with two friends. At that stage I had only decided in my mind I wanted to do a blog of pub reviews – little did I know what I was getting myself into!

It’s easily reached from the station.  If you exit the station onto Kennington Road, simply keep on heading down the road to pass the Imperial War Museum. About 5 minutes after passing it, you will come to The Ship.

The Ship is a fairly spacious pub. The interior itself is a mix of the modern, being bright and airy and the traditional, with old lamps above the bar and various nautical photos and paintings(naturally!) dotted around the place. There is also a bar billiards table too.

It also always has a good selection of ales on offer. When I dropped by for the review these included Wandle, Adnams Broadside and Atlantic from Sharps. They often frequently had Harveys available on tap,  further improving their standing in my estimation. On the food front, they have a decent pub menu. I regularly used to drop in for their burgers and these were also excellent. They do a mean chocolate brownie too!

Given its light and open atmosphere, it is popular with families and is definitely a child friendly pub during the day. Seating wise, I always liked the spot towards the back of the pub in the slightly raised section with the comfy chairs.

The Ship also benefits from having a fair sized patio area outside the front of the pub. The greenery that has grown at the edge of this serves as a natural barrier onto the busy Kennington Road. The pub holds regular quiz nights as well as live music and bands at the weekends. On top of all that, there is also 3 accomodation suites available above the pub for families and groups.

As The Ship helped inspire me to start the blog, I am of course going to recommend you visit it! After you’ve popped into the reopened and refurbished Imperial War Museum,  come here for a drink afterwards. It’s well worth the trip.

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