Ickenham Station first opened on 25th September 1905. Metropolitan Railway bosses had been reluctant to place a station here as they felt there would be a lack of revenue, but following lobbying from the local parish council agreed to put in place a ‘halt’ here. It was the first additional intermediate station to be included on the line between Uxbridge and Harrow-on-the-Hill which had opened the previous year. The District Line also called here between 1910 and 1933 until these services were transferred to the Piccadilly Line.

Architecturally, Ickenham Station is rather drab. Both the platform shelters and ticket hall date from a 1970s rebuild and are petty dull and non-descript. That said, the station is redeemed by its leafy backdrop with both platforms bordered by trees and other greenery.  The community noticeboards on one of the platforms helps to add to the village atmosphere, with information about the local residents association,sports clubs and other events.

The Pub: The Coach and Horses, 1 High Road, Ickenham, UB10 8LJ

The Coach and Horses is about a five minute walk from the station, if you head north from the station up Glebe Avenue, then turn right onto Long Lane – the pub is shortly after that.  The countryside vibe I picked up at the station was  further reinforced by the village pump I caught a glimpse of just before reaching the pub.

The Coach and Horses feels similar to other ‘outer-London’ pubs I’ve visited so far. It has a spacious interior with a number of alcoves set away from the main bar. There are pictures of historic Ickenham on the wall, with comfy leather backed seats. There was a solid ale offering on our visit, with London Pride, Timothy Taylor’s Landlord, Adnam’s Broadside and Abbott Ale all available.  Food wise, it’s pretty standard pub fare on offer with sausage and mash, fish and chips and the like. There is also a number of sandwiches and ‘sharing platters.’

It has an ample outside seating area, both in terms of their outside ‘garden bar’ and a patio area by the front. We chose to enjoy the sun in the front patio area. The pub also has a sizeable car park and I imagine given its out of town location, a number of people would drive here. It certainly seemed to be doing a decent trade in Sunday Roasts on our visit. They also run pub quizzes twice a week, on Tuesday’s and Sunday’s.

The Coach and Horses is another decent pub, all things considered. A good range of ales and lots of outside seating. A good shout for the summer if you’re based nearby!

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3 thoughts on “Ickenham

  1. Be warned. Although this is a decent pub it does treat Football supporters like second class citizens. This is my local, and I’ve enjoyed its very good beer garden on numerous occasions. It’s selection of ales is normally very good too. However, I did have the audacity to take a family group for a bite to eat and a couple of beers before the FA cup final and was turned away. The group was family orientated. Nobody had tattoos on there knuckles or forehead. We just wanted a quiet drink and a bite to eat as per normal. The only difference is that we were wearing Hull City football shirts.

    This is not the 1970’s. This sort of prejudice shouldn’t be allowed. The management should allow their staff to apply some common sense. The Fox on the other hand was very welcoming.

    1. Thanks for your comment. As a fellow football fan I totally agree – it shouldn’t be too hard to judge these situations.

      Have you complained/received any feedback from the management?

      1. The rule was by order of the management. So that being said I haven’t bothered complaining.

        I may mention it should I ever bump into the fellow in the future though.

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