Sudbury Town

One of the joys of doing this stretch of the Piccadilly Line is coming from the station architecture and Sudbury Town is no exception . It is another classic Charles Holden 1930s design and was Grade II listed in 2011. I really like the station’s modernist footbridge.  The ticket hall building is also very striking with the tall brick structure and long bay of windows having much in common with the one at Alperton.

The station itself first opened on 28th June 1903, on the same day as Alperton Station,  on the Metropolitan District Railway extension to South Harrow. Like other stations on the branch, it was transferred to the Piccadilly Line in 1932.

The Pub: The Fusilier Inn, 652 Harrow Road, HA0 2HA

I have to admit, Sudbury is one of those areas in London I’ve never really given much thought to. From the parts I saw, it seems like a nice enough suburban area.  The Fusilier Inn is about 5 minutes away from the station –  you need to head up Station Approach, then along Bridgewater Road to meet the roundabout.  Head East along Harrow Road and you’ll hit the pub, opposite Barham Park.

We initially found it hard to get into the pub – a couple of the patio gates were locked which seemed to block the obvious entrance. After looking around sheepishly for a bit, a passer by pointed out the main door which is just off the main road.  It’s a pleasant enough pub on the inside. I wouldn’t say it has anything earth shattering in terms of decoration, but it’s in a clean and presentable condition which is a step up from our experience in Alperton. As seems to be par for the course at the moment, it was also sadly an ale free zone.  There is a sizeable Indian community in the Sudbury/Harrow area that the pub seemed to be popular with on our visit.  The pub was screening the Indian Premier League cricket on their TV, which most people seemed to be watching. They also have a Sky Sports(and I assume BT Sport) licence too.  Food wise, The Fusilier offers a range of curries and kebabs.

As it was a sunny day, we chose to sit outside in the sizeable patio area. With a park opposite, it’s quite a pleasant spot to have a drink when the sun is out.   It is also an ‘Inn’ in the traditional sense, as there are rooms for the night above the pub. From their website, I’d say these don’t look quite as inviting as the pub does…

All in all, I found The Fusilier a perfectly decent pub. I’d definitely come back for a pint if I was in the area again.

Visit their website (The website is primarily for the hotel above)


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