Upminster marks the end of the District Line. I quite like getting to a terminus of a tube line for the blog, it comes with a sense of achievement. It’s not quite the same as deep level tube lines though, as the National Rail tracks continue from here on their merry journey to Basildon and beyond.  It is also the last of the tube stations on my trail that first opened on 11th June 1902 – so after this I get a new day to write about!

Much of the station has the vibe of a dull ’70s rail station,  complete with strip lighting and functional, rather than decorative platform canopies. Original Victorian-era structures do however survive on platform 1, as can be seen in this Network Rail photo.

The Pub: The Crumpled Horn, 33-37 Corbets Tey Road, Upminster, RM14 2AJ

Upminster is a a sizeable town of its own right within London, with a population of around 25,000.  Walking down Station Road to reach The Crumpled Horn,  you are heading down what feels like a high street in its own right, with several banks, shoe shops, electrical shops and the like.   The pub itself is about 10minutes south from the station, where at which point Station Road becomes the far more interestingly named ‘Corbets Tey Road.’

It’s based within a 1950s style parade of shops with I assume flats above them.  It’s a spacious, bright pub inside thanks to all the windows!  There are a couple of sofas towards the front of the pub that were taken on our visit.  In fact it was pretty busy all round so we took the strategic decision of perching ourselves by the Quiz Machine.  The Crumpled Horn even has a pinball table, which definitely are a rarity in pubs these days.

There are also a few ales on tap, which happily bucks the trend for my other experiences in East London. I went for Brakspear Oxford Gold, which is always a solid choice. We didn’t eat here but the Crumpled Horn has a number of Wetherspoons-esque food nights, such as ‘A Night At the Dogs’ – any footlong hot dog and drink for £6.65. There are also quiz nights on Tuesdays too.

As I said, it was quite busy when we popped in here and had a friendly atmosphere. This is a decent pub and I’d probably pop in again if I were in the area.

 Visit their website


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