East Ham

East Ham Station is another which opened to Metropolitan District Railway services in 1902.  Architecturally the station retains many original features both at platform and the station building itself – both of which are in keeping with the other stops on the line that opened at the same time.

The supports for the platform canopies actually read LTSR, which stands for London,  Tilbury and Southend Railway, the company that opened the mainline station here in 1858. On the platforms,  there is also still the lightbox operated ‘next train’ displays, alongside the modern platform indicator system.

A nice and unexpected touch to East Ham Station comes in the form of a small garden area to the edge of one of the platforms. This is not something I expected to see at a stop that serves one of London’s Inner suburbs. There is even what looks like a small Yukka Plant. There is also a bench within the area, but I’m not really sure how anyone would access it as it seems to be behind the railings.

The Pub: The Denmark Arms, 381 Barking Road, E6 1LA

Much like West Ham before it, there aren’t really many drinking options at all by East Ham station. To find a pub, we had to walk for around 10minutes south down High Street North to reach The Denmark Arms, on the junction with Barking Road.

The interior is suitably traditional, with the green tiled walls and old wooden bar at the centre of the pub. Sadly tradition doesn’t extend to the drink choices, where once again it was an ale free zone so we opted for a Kronenberg. Indeed, the offers above the bar are for Aftershock and Jagerbombs, rather than cask ales.  There are numerous pictures of the local area in days gone by on the walls.  It advertises that it shows live football, as well as having a pool table and fruit machines.

The Denmark Arms is another pub that feels in need of some TLC. While the building itself isn’t as interesting as the Boleyn Tavern at Upton Park,  the interior isn’t without merit and you feel that it could be spruced up quite nicely into a good pub. Sadly at present I’d say there isn’t a terrible amount to recommend about the place. But then again, if you are after a pint and in the area, I’m not too sure you have too many other options!

(This pub has no website)


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